What to do with old rosaries

what to do with old rosaries

How do you dispose of old sacramentals?

Mar 06,  · So, what can you do with an old or broken rosary? Here are 5 suggestions: 1. Take it to your local Catholic bookstore or do an internet search for ministries that repair rosaries. Mar 08,  · So, what can you do with an old or broken rosary? Here are 5 suggestions: 1. Take it to your local Catholic bookstore or do an internet search for ministries that repair rosaries.

As Catholics, we commonly have religious items blessed, whether it be by a priest or bishop. When we have a rosary, crucifix, palm branch, or other item what does rsquo stand for it becomes permanently sanctified for a sacred purpose.

However, over what to do with old rosaries statues and rosaries may become broken from use, or palm may naturally degrade. As we are called to show proper reverence for blessed objects, how do we properly dispose of them when damaged? In showing proper reverence, Catholic tradition simply states blessed items that are broken or damaged should be burned or buried.

After an item has been burned, its ashes should also be buried. If the item does not disintegrate into the Earth, such as plastic, it is acceptable to break apart the item then discard it appropriately.

In the case of votive candles, if it is safe to do so they should be burned completely. While the tradition of returning objects to the earth stems back thousands of years, in the Sacred Congregation for the Rites and the Holy Office issued formal determinations on what proper disposal methods are for blessed items. Any linen, vestment, or altar cloth should be burned and the ashes buried.

Excess or contaminated Holy Water should be poured directly into the ground. Palms should be burned, and the ashes used for Ash Wednesday with the excess buried. Similarly, a rosary or statue what is more important appearance or personality be buried.

Thank you for this information. Was wondering how to dispose off my broken rosary, and was uneasy with the thought of returning it to my parish. I place a piece of blessed palm in my garden, buried by each row. Thank you. Now i know what to do with my Rosary beads. I feel guilty throwing them so i jst keep them all these years. Stop misleading people please. Stop dragging others along side with you. You are forgiven. God himself pronounced it three times, for instance, at baptism transfiguration.

Do you read your bible? Jesus did not say it. What a petty reason to lose faith. You have a Bible, read it if you are literate. Mediate upon the Word of God. You have a cellphone right? A smart tv, a laptop, or maybe a car, an ipad or ipod, or a usb stick, or a walkman, radio.? Im sure u have one of these. Come on dont lie. So why use any one of these when these are not even mentioned in the bible?

You people that believe only things that appear in the bible do not make sense most of the time…. Read the Gospel of John. Read Chapter 6 especially, on the discourse of the Bread of Life.

Why are you reading this article? What is inside you that draws you back to Catholicism? He failed miserably, praise Jesus. Sick way to have fun.

Thank you. Praying for those that are hiding behind fake names or profiles on the internet just to spread hate etc. You are coreect in your post. God Bless.

Smash it. Bury the crumbs where they will not likely be unburied. You can keep tabs on its disintegration while you are what is a cosmic ray Heaven. Do the best you can if there is no way to give it away properly. I did. I found mine online. I fix them and give them away.

Joe from the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. This would be a good annual event to hold in a parish. For several Sundays there could be a basket placed in a prominent position and parishioners told that they may place broken or torn religious or blessed items, along with old palms, into the basket.

One of the parish groups could go through the basket to sort out, for example, rosaries that could be repaired and given away or sent to a group that could use them. Say I dropped some Holy Water on the floor, and I clean up with a napkin, but what is the best weed and feed napkin eventually dries up completely.

What do I do with the napkin? It would seem that since the Holy Water as does regular water completely departs the napkin through evaporation, you should be free to do with the napkin as you will.

It is not as if the water chemically bonds with the napkin. You can find the answers to these questions in moral theology books. You can find the answers to these questions in moral theology books or ask a traditional priest. I already had one which I preferred; so what I did was to bury the crucifix part in the crook between two branches of a Scotch pine tree I often passed by during my weekend walks.

I sure hate to see things wasted … while so many go without. ARE there any organization that repaires broken rosary i have one from my grandmother and i am looking to fix it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Ponder his motivation but follow ye not Luther into coprophagia. Burn it, bury it. I think Russ may have a point. See next reply. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Follow uCatholic. Popular Posts. Blog June 23, Blog September 11, Blog February 17, Latest Posts.

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When your rosary breaks or your crucifix falls apart, what should be done?

Even rosaries that are not blessed are objects of spiritual significance to the Church. So, what can you do with an old or broken rosary? Here are 5 suggestions: 1. Take it to your local Catholic bookstore or do an internet search for ministries that repair rosaries. Oct 16,  · While the tradition of returning objects to the earth stems back thousands of years, in the Sacred Congregation for the Rites and the Holy Office issued formal determinations on what proper disposal methods are for blessed items. Any linen, vestment, or altar cloth should be burned and the ashes buried. Aug 03,  · The St. Pio one is a special case, since it appears to be a relic. (It’s probably just a tiny piece from a bolt of brown cloth touched to his tomb, and therefore third class, but still.) If I didn’t have kids who wanted to cherish it (I do), I would probably take it .

New here? Click here to join! As a Catholic, collecting sacramentals such as votive candles, religious pictures, rosaries which sometimes break , medals, palm branches and other misc. The first thing to determine is whether or not the item has been blessed by a priest. What do you do if you are unsure if they are blessed? One option, if they are still useable, is to give your Catholic items away to other people who could use them. If your parish has one of these spaces then you can leave your item there so someone else can use it.

Additionally, if your parish has an adoration chapel there might be something similar where you can leave holy cards and rosaries for others to use while they pray. It is not a sin to throw away blessed items, but out of proper respect, one should dispose of them one of the following ways.

One proper method of disposal of votive candles and other devotionals, if they have been blessed, is to burn them. Burning them is considered a respectful way to dispose of your religious items that were blessed by a priest. In the case of candles, letting candles burn down entirely, or, if this presents a hazard should the glass candle holders break, burn them by themselves. The other proper method of disposal of sacramentals and devotionals is to bury them in the ground.

Burying the holy items is considered a respectful way of disposing of something that has been blessed. If devotionals have not been blessed, such as some of the holy cards and such that come through the mail, those are simply pictures and can be thrown away.

What do you do with old copies of subscription mass reading books, like Magnificat or The Word Among Us? They were not blessed. Thank you for this. I have broken rosaries and old religious necklaces. Blessed but already very old and no longer used. God bless you and this Catholic website.

My grandmother collected Madonna figurines. What do you recommend? We want to keep disposal away from future religious purposes. The post was really beneficial to have but it is also unfinished in its location so that also has to be taken into consideration while continuing religious practice without all of this following behind us. I am Penitito from the small island of Samoa, and my family are very devoted to the catholic church. Our parish is now looking for a cm statue of Saint Joseph, as for every catholic church their should be a Statue of Mary, Jesus and Joseph.

I also like to thank you for sharing special ways to do with damage statue and bibles. He said the items were blessed, but I do not know this for a fact. I do not want the water or the items. The fact of the matter is God said such things were not to be made at all , and were not to be bowed down infront off , so it depends on who you want to obey ,and belive if its God burn them all. Thanks to your cite I now know how to dispose of my statue of the Virgin Mary with a broken nose.

Thank you! I have quite a few prayer cards some are old from when grandma passed, and some as young as seven years when Dad n Older brother passed. I need to know how I can recycle them as I do not want them anymore. Thank you for your help. I bought a beautiful rosary today. I have several. My favorite is the one my Mother carried at her wedding in My questions would be, my older son is Baptist.

They do not use rosaries. What should they do with my rosaries once I pass. I want to be able to leave them some direction on what to do with them. Thank you for your answer.

At least it would be better than having it thrown out. And when the Resurrection happens on the last day, you can greet the Lord with it in your hands! I work at a church office. We give them rosaries that have been donated to us — many in like circumstances where family members do not appreciate them. The persons that receive them are so grateful that they now have a rosary. Religious items that you no longer want but are still useful can be donated to Catholic missions.

They welcome these items and use them in evangelization. Can you send me an address to send old prayer books, bibles and My Catholic Faith books. Would like them to go to the missions. I have a statue of st expedite which is not blessed and I wish to dispose of it for personal reasons.

What is the best way to do this? Can I just leave it somewhere for someone who might want it or just bury it? Hi do you still have the statue of St. I have been looking for one and will take it off your hands. I have quite a few of Saints images and fair bit or rosaries, some were given to my children and some from churches that were given away. Also have some cruxifices, small statues of saints,medals and I am down sizing my living place, and now would like to ask how will I be disposing them, but only keeping a few.

I am a devoted catholic and feel bad in disposing them. Please tell me what to do with them. If you have a catholic school nearby you may be able to take them there. I teach kindergarten and often present my children with holy cards, rosaries, small items for special events, etc. What about disposal of plastic containers that once contained blessed and exorcised salt or holy water? The salt and water was blessed while in the container. Thank you. I ned a specific address to send old religious items, I am afraid of starting a fire in my backyard.

Please help!! Is it okay to break them into pieces before you do this? We have been collecting overflow of religious items handed down, received in mail as unsolicited etc. The parishioners have left misselets and prayer books as well prayer cards and necklaces. We have been taken them to long term facility. Where can we send these things in USA? I read that chaplains for army in Iraq but no info on how to get things to them.

Also, another person said that prison chaplains would like the reading items but again, no further info. Can you help us? Luisa: broken statues or holy pictures are traditionally buried. Steven; the source is based on agreed practices concerning the proper disposal of Sacramentals, since the early inception of the Church. The Catholic wisdom of the people is capable of fashioning a vital synthes.

Elizabeth: of course you can mix the holy waters. Could you please advise me how to respectfully dispose of holy framed pictures and other holy Items. When a material sacramental becomes so worn that it can no longer be used as a sacramental, one should not casually toss it into the trash. To prevent desecration, the sacramental should be returned to the earthly elements. Holy water, for example, should be poured into a hole dug in the earth, in a spot no one would walk over.

Combustible sacramentals, such as scapulars and holy books, should be burned and then buried. Larger sacramentals that do not burn should be altered so that their form no longer appears to be a sacramental for example, a statue should be broken up into small pieces and then buried. Objects made of metals can be melted down and used for another purpose. I have no specific religion.. In fact tho, I agree with many different Christian base religions..

And likewise several things that I am confused by.. Not at all that I disagree.. I was raised Episcopal.. But have found more comfort in many Catholic churches or simple worship centers.. Is any of this wrong or conflicting? What should I do? M3gn, You might find it helpful if you visited vaticancatholic. I hope this helps. May God bless you.

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