What religions believe in creationism

what religions believe in creationism

Creationism and intelligent design

Non-Christian Creationism Hinduism and Creationism. Hindu creationism can be called a form of Old Earth Creationism, which posits that the Islam and Creationism. Many Muslims are creationists. There is not, however, the existence of various positions Judaism. There are a variety of views in. As mentioned above, almost every religion of the world has its own, unique creation myth. Among the most interesting ones are the creation myths in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, and the one extolled via the Aboriginal ‘dreamtime’. Aboriginal ‘Dreamtime’.

Asked by Wiki User. There are Creation-stories in beliefs and religions all over the world; tens of them if not hundreds. This is because the Creation was a tradition going all the way back and shared by all mankind. As time passed, most of these stories became infiltrated by idolatry, with a phantasmagoria of warring how to make cute kawaii plushies. It is the Torah, in Genesis, which preserves the original.

See also:. Is there evidence for Creation? Pretty much every religion has a creation story. How many followers actually believe it is another matter. Creationism is the basis of all religions, it is what science says is not true. Teaching it in a public school is illegal.

Most religions are creationist. Think of any religious wedding ceremony. Usually creationism isn't even creztionism. Generally speaking, the answer is no. See also:Is there evidence for Creation? Can you show that God exists? Seeing God's wisdom. She is a creationist. I suppose there are many contradictions. On of the biggest one is Evolution vs.

Science believes in the Theory of Evolution which is saying crrationism all complex organisms developed from simpler organism. Most religions, believe in Creationism, which is that God designed and created everything. If you believe in creationism, it was the turkey. If you believe in evolution, it was the egg. All religions believe in whatever god they believe in. All religions have a god or a diety.

The Jewish and Christian religions believe in sabbath. Almost all religions believe in some form of divine intervention. All Christian religions believe in this as well as pagan religions, such as Hinduism. Yes, there are several. Deism belifve a Western religion, which attitude is that there is a God, but did not create the universe and does not govern it. Jainism is an Eastern religion that believes in many relkgions, but rejects the idea of creationism.

Buddhist believe there are no gods. Evolution would be the logical belief they would follow. Fifteen per cent of the British population are said to believe in creationism. Elsewhere in Europe the proportions who believe in creationism vary between around ten per cent and twenty per cent, with countries that have a high Muslim population more likely to have a higher proportion who do not believe in evolution.

Religions what religions believe in creationism not believe in anything. The people religins practice monotheistic religion believe in one deity. Answer: It is difficult to say anything about "all" religions, since there are so many differences. But despite their differences, a great number of religions believe in God or in several gods; in moral principles. Some religions such as Christianity, Hinduism believe in after life.

Not all religions believe in after life. Religions such as Paganism do not believe in after life. They did not believe in the other religions. Many religions believe in heaven and hell, although their idea of what constitutes such differs. Most of the major religions do, such as Christianity and Islam. AnswerThere is no one single term for the religions that do not believe in God. Bdlieve the religions that do worship God are sometimes collectively referred to as Abrahamic religions, perhaps the best term, sometimes used, is "non-Abrahamic religions".

Absolutely - it should be taught in classes pertaining to religion. There are many forms of creationism from many different religions. I how to care for the umbilical cord of a newborn it is important for children to know about religions and creationism is part of the beliefs of some religious groups.

I do not think it should be 'taught' but children should be taught of it. There is religilns difference That is just my opinion though and I respect the opinions of anybody who disagrees with me. And I encourage them to add their opinions. As for teaching young earth creationism or intelligent design in science class - absolutely not. Neither belief has a shred of empirical evidence to back them up, are untestable, unfalsifiable, and unable to make predictions - therefore, they are categorically unscientific in nature.

Most major religions do, there are too many to list. That depends on if you believe. Ask Question. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered See also: Is there evidence for Creation? Related Questions. Is teaching creationism illegal? How is marriage celebrated by creationism religion?

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Jun 02,  · Creationism and intelligent design. Christians who take the Bible literally believe the world was created by God in seven days. In recent years, some Christians . Sep 12,  · However, it is interesting to note that despite Hinduism being practiced today as a polytheistic religion, the ancient sages of the religion allude to a single entity as creator in the beginning of our universe. Among the trinity of the most prominent Hindu gods, i.e., Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, Brahma is the cosmic creator. Feb 03,  · While there is no single Hindu teaching on the origins of life, many Hindus believe that the universe is a manifestation of Brahman, Hinduism’s highest god and the force behind all creation. However, many Hindus today do not find their beliefs to be incompatible with the theory of evolution. Hinduism Today, “The Secret Diary of Charles Darwin”.

The perception of the world in every religion is different and unique, and so is the story of how the world came into being. Let us take a look at the creation stories in the different religious traditions. The creation of the world has been one of the fundamental questions that the humans have been seeking an answer for, since time immemorial.

Religion, which forms the base of human behavior and beliefs, seems to have been the first solid institution to have tried to decode this enigmatic puzzle by means of various stories and myths. These myths, which tend to develop through various oral traditions, essentially have their roots in the folk culture.

They are passed down from one generation to the other, and are interpreted in so many different ways in the process, that at the end of, say, a century, we might have several different versions of the same myth. Nevertheless, the purpose remains the same, to try to explain the beginning of the world.

Creation Myths in Various Religions: Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk As mentioned above, almost every religion of the world has its own, unique creation myth. There were no animals, birds, trees, water or man. The ancestors wandered over the land and, soon became parts of interesting adventures. They met each other as they wandered, argued, encountered strange creatures, and fought battles. Each event gave Earth a new shape; hills and mountains rose and plants grew.

When something wrong was done, the Rainbow Snake would punish the ancestors. The egg burst into flames, forming the sun. Both these forces are, together, supposed to be the creative power that sustains life and being.

Yin and yang are natural forces behind, even the gods. According to the theory, there was a time of utter chaos, mist, and emptiness. Suddenly, there was a colorful light from which all things sprang up. The mist shook, and everything that was light, rose up, while everything that was heavy, sank and became solid. The Heaven and the Earth yielded two strong forces — yin and yang. While yang is supposed to be hot, fiery, and masculine, yin is moist, cool, and feminine.

Left alone, they are capable of destroying the world, and together they can generate balance and harmony. The belief is that yang created the sun, and the moon came from yin. Together they created the four seasons and the five elements, and all kinds of living creatures.

In the beginning, the Earth was just a sphere without any features. He created the mountains and the hills, and dug river valleys. When he fell to the ground, his body transformed into the five sacred mountains. Taoism believes that his hair became the plants, and his blood formed the rivers.

Thus, the world, as we see it today, was created. Genesis 1 and 2 in the Old Testament of the Bible, tells the Christian story of creation of the world. According to it, in the beginning, God roamed the universe and the waters and created light and darkness. On the second day, God created Heaven and separated water from the Earth. On the third day, he raised the dry land and created plants. On the fifth day, he created the creatures of the sea and air. On the sixth day, God created all kinds of living creatures on the Earth.

On the seventh day or sabbath, God rested. They were forbidden from eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge — of good and evil. But a serpent tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, which she did and also successfully persuaded Adam to do so. When God came to know of their sin, he drove them to Earth, to toil. There have been and are many more worlds. They are created by Lord Brahma the Creator.

These three gods are forms of the Supreme entity. The universe is a vast ocean on which Lord Vishnu resides. The lotus flower that springs from his navel is the abode of Lord Brahma. The story of creation in Hinduism mentions that when Brahma gets lonely, he splits himself into male and female, the same for man and beast. Everything comes from different parts of his body.

One day of Lord Brahma is supposed to be longer than four thousand million Earth years. This was how God created the Earth and the Heavens. He created creatures that walk, swim, crawl, and fly. He also created the angels, the sun, the moon, and the stars. Then, He ordered the angels to bring seven handfuls of soil of different colors and modeled man. He breathed life and power into Adam, the first man, and Eve, the first woman.

God gave Adam, control over the Earth. When God forbade the couple to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree, the Evil One tempted them to disobey God.

They did so, and God cast them out of Paradise, down to the Earth. However, merciful God provided them with means of food, drink, and shelter.

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