What pickups does brad paisley use

what pickups does brad paisley use

Brad Paisley: УIТve always said that country is jazz on the bridge pickup!Ф

Together, these pickups deliver the snap and twang that Brad is known for, with a round top end and full but tight lows. Seymour wound what Brad calls Уthe perfect setФ for his beloved Т68 La Brea Telecaster, and now you can get it too. The Brad Paisley Signature La Brea Telecaster Set, hand built in . - Gibson Brad Paisley Signature J Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Fender 'Ole' Pink paisley telecaster (Lindy Fralin pickups) - Fender butterscotch blonde Telecaster (stock pickups).

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Yamaha Start date Jan 12, Yamaha Member. Messages 7, Look at these Paissley Paisley pickups from Seymour Duncan. They sound amazing. Messages Anything Brad plays sounds amazing! Give him a squire with crap pickups and he would make it doee great. Mincer Member. Messages 4, He deserves it. One of the few country superstars that still puts playing first.

Messages 2, Great player! Nowabout those song writing skills Billy Moss Member. Messages 6, Damn, that's badass. Dana Olsen Platinum What pickups does brad paisley use Member. Ipckups a really cool cat, as well as an excellent guitar player and singer. When Crook got it, he discovered REAL paisley underneath the black spray paint, so whah just stripped off the black and voila!

Brad's also a serious tone brwd. He know pedal design quite well usee he can name which pedals use which components to get their sound.

My kind of guy, for sure! Thanks for posting this video, Dana O. Atrocity Active Member. Brad's one of my favorite players and he's definitely a gear freak, he knows his stuff. I'm very much looking forward to trying out the La Brea pickups.

Messages 9, I wonder how they compare to the by all reports stellar pickups by Fender in the Paisley Signature tele. Yamaha said:. I like him but He a really good player. But not as good as some say. And Nationwide is on your side. Mystix Gold Supporting Member. Messages 1, JohnK24 Silver Supporting Member. Messages 5, Plus, imo, his older stuff is better than the cheesy crap he's put out in recent years He lost me on "American Saturday Night".

How much of grad sound are the Z amps anyway? Im willing to wager its alot more than the gtr or pickups. Just a variation of how to play headstrong on acoustic guitar theme.

Yse agree with that. His tone comes more from those sweet Z amps than pickups. Bluesful Silver Supporting Member. Messages 40, Sounds good. Dude is a seriously what does a torn pectoral muscle feel like player. I love him. But his playing really good but not like Roy Pickuos, Glen Campbell they could smoke anybody.

Bluesful said:. You must log in or register to brar here. Trending Topics. If you had to sell it all, and just buy one new amp Amps and Cabs.

Helix FW 3. Why so much animosity for PRS players, or for anyone that has a guitar with a nice top? Started by Newbee oldfart Apr 15, Replies: Guitars in General. The Sound Hound Lounge.

Brad Paisley Guitar Gear Rig and Equipment

Feb 21, †Ј Signature pickup set of Brad Paisley; Replicates the unmistakable sound of BradТs prized number one electric guitar; Bridge pickup includes Alnico IV rod magnets, vintage-correct cloth push-back wire, and classic gray forbon flatwork for an open, mid-focused sound; Neck pickup boasts Alnico II rod magnets and period-correct wire and flatwork for a thick, velvety sound5/5(4). Jul 27, †Ј Dr Z amps have a lot to do with Brad Paisley's tone, but I know the pickups he uses in his telecasters are important. I've used Fralin's for years and recently bought a . During the spring of , Brad Paisley traveled to a remote beach located just north of Santa Barbara, CA to meet up with Seymour W. Duncan at the Seymour D.

Discussion in ' Just Pickups ' started by doctorj , Jul 12, Telecaster Guitar Forum. Win a Broadcaster or one of 3 Teles! The annual Supporting Member Giveaway is on. To enter Click Here.

To see all the prizes and full details Click Here. To view the thread about the giveaway Click Here. Jul 12, 1. Posts: 8. I have a tele, ash with maple neck and want to get a kind of Brad Paisley tone as most of us do. I am thinking Fralins, Kleins, Jerry Donahue, Voodoo, D'marzio, but don't want to spend alot of money trying them out.

Does anybody have suggestions for me? Jul 12, 2. Posts: 1, Well, I know he uses Voodoos Jul 12, 3. Age: 37 Posts: 18, Jul 13, 4. Posts: Try the Budz tall and 42 set. They are a Hamel type of pup. Tell him Big Mike sent ya! You will not be sorry. Talk to Dave at Jul 13, 5.

He used my pickups also. Jul 13, 6. Age: 42 Posts: Jul 18, 7. Jul 19, 8. Posts: 6, Ron Ellis told me he used his. Read in an interview he used Fralin Blues Specials, I think the list is pretty long Pretty much what I'd do if I had his money Jul 19, 9.

My guess is that you could hand Brad any Tele with any Tele pickups in it and given the amps he uses, he will sound like Brad. Give him a squire Tele and he will still sound like Brad. Jul 19, Posts: 4, I am convinced you can get the "Paisley" tone a lot like Doug Seven did it..

I will say you will do better with pups that are slightly overwound like the Fralin Blues Specials. Aaron Campbell at "Rumplestiltskin" wound me a similar set and they are darn close coupled with the other gear. Dec 19, Anyone have an opinion on the Joe Barden Modern pups? Dec 24, Age: 68 Posts: 3. Age: 33 Posts: 4, Chris Klein also said that Brad used his 52 set.

Get a Paisley Drive from Wampler. Dec 25, Age: 75 Posts: 10, Dec 26, Posts: 23, I think you whack the front end of those Z's or vox's with most any single coil, and happen to play like paisley..

Posts: 2, Anyone can easily learn to pluck a string like Brad Paisley or anyone else for that matter , but it won't mean they'll have the same expressive phrasing.

Most players inherently understand that and don't need to be condescended too about it. Those are clearly two different factors and should be delineated between.

When actually considering note tone, you can certainly alter it greatly via technique, but isn't the idea to get the type of base tone you want when just using your normal technique? There are even complex hum free designs that use quality parts in that price range. The ZexCoil designs require significantly more labor, so they are a little more. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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