What is vtech learning lodge

what is vtech learning lodge

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Macintosh Hardware Requirements: Macintosh Computer with an Intel processor ; Memory: MB RAM ; MB Hard disk space ; USB Port required. Learning Lodge allows our customers to download apps, learning games, e-books and other educational content to their VTech products. Upon discovering the unauthorized access we immediately conducted a thorough investigation, which involved a comprehensive check of the affected site and implementation/5(41).

What can I expect to see when How to put wma on itunes connect back to the Learning Lodge? I have heard that there was a data breach on a VTech website — can you confirm if this is true? When did you inform customers and the public about the incident? Could you provide a breakdown of number of people affected by each country?

It is reported that the UK police arrested someone in connection with the hacking in December What is the progress of the police investigation? What is VTech doing to protect data stored on Kid Connect? Has VTech reported the case to llearning authorities? Are you being investigated? The Federal Trade Commission is an independent agency of the United States government that works to protect consumers.

You can learn more about the Commission at www. VTech made an announcement on Tuesday, January 9, HKT that we had lodgee a settlement with the FTC on behalf of two of our subsidiaries that ends a two-year investigation of a criminal cyber attack on wht databases by a hacker in November We settled the matter with the FTC at this time so how to download dragon age origins for pc free we could focus all our efforts on continuing to deliver world-class educational electronic toys to our customers and children learnign rather than have a legal process over events that took place two years ago drag on further.

What are the details of the settlement? To be clear, we originally designed the Kid Connect messaging system in a way that ensured parents who purchased our products were fully aware of how the system worked, what lodve would be collected, and how they could control whom their children communicated with.

Elarning, the FTC alleged that the specific notification and parental consent verification practices did not align with the legal and technical requirements under COPPA. As part of the settlement, VTech agreed to remedy these concerns and adopt lovge independently verify certain data security measures.

It should be noted that logde had already invested heavily in implementing more robust data security measures and also ensuring COPPA compliance in the period following the oodge — long before the settlement. When did the Learning Lodge go back online? Customers of Learning Lodge connected products are now able to securely register accounts for new products, manage their existing accounts and change passwords.

The Learning Lodge app store has also re-opened for all connected products. For the complete list of opened services, please refer to the table. Can I delete my Learning Lodge account? You can use either the Learning Lodge program or a web browser to do so. Please refer to the Learning Lodge download webpage of your region for detailed information.

However, VTech will need to keep a copy of your account data for a time in order to be able to respond to potential legal inquiries regarding the breach.

But VTech lorge not access or process that data other than to respond ldge such inquiries. Can I register a lodye product on Learning Lodge account? Can my product use the app store now? What about PlanetVTech and other suspended websites? PlanetVTech and other suspended websites remain closed. We currently have no plan to re-open these websites and services. The information we have learnning that between November 12, and November 29,an unauthorized party accessed VTech customer data on our Learning Lodge app store customer database, the PlanetVTech and V.

How to draw a siberian husky step by step Link websites, and Kid Connect servers.

Learning Lodge allows our customers to download learning ia, e-books and lsarning educational content to their VTech products. PlanetVTech and V. Smile Link were websites that provided interactive games for children. What websites and services were affected?

Smile Link and Kid Connect were accessed. As a precautionary measure, we suspended Learning Lodge, the Kid Connect service and the learnint websites on November tvech, HKT whilst we conducted a thorough security assessment. When did you find out about the breach? We received an email from a journalist asking about the incident on November 23, EST.

After receiving the email, we carried gtech an internal investigation and on November 24, detected that some irregular activity took place on our Learning Lodge website. Our investigation confirmed on November 26, HKT that a breach had occurred earlier that month. We immediately began a comprehensive check of the affected sites and have taken thorough actions against future attacks.

After confirming the facts surrounding the unauthorized access to our customer database, we published a statement on our global website on Friday, November 27, HKT outlining the details of the data breach.

On the same day, we sent email notification of the incident to potentially affected Learning Lodge and Kid Connect account customers. Other potentially affected customers were notified later, as we found more information about the breach and determined what customers might have been affected. In addition:. Smile Link customers are affected.

Here are the details:. In total 4, customer parent accounts and 6, related kid profiles worldwide are affected. Among those approximately 6. Kid profiles only include name, gender and birthdate. According to our information, the approximate breakdown of Learning Lodge customers by country is as follows:. How did the hacker get into your database? We cannot go into detail about the hack.

What is clear is that this was a criminal act and a well-planned attack. Smile Link databases have been attacked by a skilled hacker. Upon discovering the breach, we immediately began a comprehensive check of the affected sites and have taken thorough actions to protect against future how to clean dirty cement driveway. On November 1,a year-old man from Bracknell, Berkshire, in the United Kingdom was given a formal adult police caution, for unauthorised access to computer material Section 1 of the UK Computer Misuse Action Lodeg Link websites, and the Kid Connect service.

What kind of information is in the databases? Was any credit card information stolen? No, our Learning Lodge website database does not contain credit or debit card or other financial account numbers, and VTech does not process or store customer credit lsarning debit card data on the Learning Lodge website.

To complete the payment or check-out process of any downloads made on the Learning Lodge website, our customers are directed to a secure, third party payment gateway. Why do you need to retain any customer information? Customers need to set up an account for such transactions. The information is used to identify the customer, market our content and lexrning customers' downloads.

In addition, children's profile information is collected from parents and used by parents to identify their kids e. Certain Kid Connect messages, photos and bulletin board postings are stored by VTech to ldge that they are delivered and have been received by their intended recipients. Game scores and progress logs are collected and provided to parents on demand, so they can keep track of their children's learning progress through educational games.

Is there anything I can do to better protect myself? We have been advising customers to immediately change their passwords and secret questions and answers on any other sites or services that may vtecn the same password or secret question and answer as those formerly used learnung Learning Lodge, PlanetVTech or V.

Smile Link. When you log in to the re-opened Learning Lodge site, you will be asked to create a new password. We have reviewed our security protocols for Kid Connect and implemented additional measures to protect data what is ad hoc query and stored via that service. We also have deleted all Kid Connect bulletin board contents and unsent messages before we restarted the service.

As noted above, Kid Connect has been fully relaunched. Yes, we have communicated about the breach with our customers and the general public. In addition to email notifications learnin customers, we have posted statements and press releases on our website. We will add additional notices when appropriate.

We have appointed data security legal specialists who are liaising with local authorities, including law enforcement agencies investigating the hacking incident. Some of these cookies are essential, while others help us to improve your experience by providing insights into how the site is what is a traffic counter used.

Vvtech more detailed information about the cookies we use, please see our Cookie Policy. What is the FTC? Why us you settle now? About the Re-opening ehat Learning Lodge 5. What services are now back online? What about Kid Connect? About the incident How many customers are affected? Has VTech informed its customers? Back to top 2.

Learnint to top 3. Back to top 4. Back to top how to cook canned ligo squid. Country Parent Accounts Child Profiles United States 2, 2, France1, United Kingdom, Germanywhat should newborns sleep in clothing, Canada, Others, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland 40, 55, Pearning America 28, 36, Australia 18, 23, Denmark 4, 5, Luxembourg 4, 5, New Zealand 1, 2, All VTech Sites.

FAQ about Cyber Attack on VTech Learning Lodge (last updated: 19:30, January 9, 2018, HKT)

VTech Learning Lodge is the name given to their download management program. When you have the Learning Lodge installed on your computer or tech device, you can then gain easy access to all the software, music, videos, and other files that VTech offers. It really is as simple as that. Install their manager, and get access to their programs. Jan 09,  · Learning Lodge allows our customers to download learning games, e-books and other educational content to their VTech products. Customers need to set up an account for such transactions. The information is used to identify the customer, market Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. The Learning Lodge ™ is VTech's download manager. Using Learning Lodge ™ you can redeem your free download credits; purchase and download additional games, e-books, music and videos; manage your files and even track your child's learning progress. Watch this video for a simple to follow tutorial.

Some of these cookies are essential, while others help us to improve your experience by providing insights into how the site is being used. For more detailed information on the cookies we use, please see our Cookie Policy. Watch this video for a simple to follow tutorial. This tutorial video will walk you through it and make signing up a breeze! Note: This video is specifically for InnoTab 3S registration. This tutorial will help explain how.

Click to find out more! Watch this video to learn more! Use this tutorial to learn details on what format your tablet requires. USB connection between the tablet and the computer is needed for the file transfer.

This tutorial will guide you from beginning to end. Read this tutorial to learn more. See this tutorial for more details. If it does not download automatically, read this tutorial to learn about some alternative installation methods. Use this tutorial to learn how. Use this tutorial to learn more.

And you can take your own photos and videos with the onboard camera! To expand your tablet's memory for storing your downloads and creations, you can insert a microSD memory card. Watch this tutorial to learn more. Please read this tutorial to review the process step by step.

Your child will enjoy being in the driving seat as they send you their Wish List choices--but the beauty is that you get to decide which apps to download wirelessly to their tablet. All you need to know to download purchased content is in this video. This tutorial will walk through the complete experience from beginning to end. Read this tutorial to learn more about this feature.

VTech Kid Connect lets kids and parents stay close by sharing messages. This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up Kid Connect step by step. With VTech Kid Connect, your child can send text messages, animated stickers, voice messages, drawings, and photos. Watch this tutorial to learn more about the different message features that are available. This tutorial will teach you how to use some of the advanced features of Kid Connect.

Learn how to use the Kid Connect app on your smartphone to: View and edit your child's contact list Send friend requests on behalf of your child Invite a family member to join Kid Connect Edit your profile name, password or avatar Approve or reject friend requests that your child receives.

Use this tutorial to learn how to add and remove websites from your child's pre-approved browsing list. Using the Settings menu in Parental Control mode, you can limit the amount of time your child is allowed to spend on the internet per day, restrict access to certain hours of the day, and change the time zone. Read this tutorial for more details. Please read the updated privacy policy. Your use of this site and service constitutes your acceptence of this privacy policy.

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