What is the point of origin of an earthquake called

what is the point of origin of an earthquake called

What is the point of origin of an earthquake called?

The point where an earthquake originates is called seismic focus. It is just above the earthТs epicenter on the earthТs surface. The focus is also known as hypocenter of an earthquake and here at this point ground ruptures. As the ground breaks down, the vibrating waves travel away from the focus of the earthquake outwards in all directions. 1) Quake centre, 2) Epicentre, 3) Seismic focus, 4) Tectonic point.

This is a Most important question of gk exam. Question is : What is if point of origin of an earthquake called? Quake centre, 2.

Epicentre, 3. Seismic focus, 4. Tectonic point, 5. Buy Now! Managed Services By: www. Title: What is the point of origin of an earthquake called?

Author: mympsc. What is the point of origin of an earthquake called? Name of the Mountain Range -- Location in shat Himalayas. This type of precipitation is called. Denmark 2. Iceland 3. Norway 4. Sweden Select the correct answer from the codes given below- Codes:. Online GK. Quake centre. Seismic focus. Tectonic point. Which if the following river projects utilises the water of the Pong barrage of Beas river?

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Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched? When rain falls through a cold layer of air near the earth's surface, rain earthquakee get frozen into ice. Which mineral is found in Zawar mines? The largest producer of Coffee in India is. The climate region origi high temperature, through out the year and heavy rainfall is. Ozone gets depleted in the stratosphere due to the presence of:. The Great Dividing Mountain Range is located in.

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Consider he following declaration and identify the person who made it using the code given below: 'The time has come when badges of honour make our shame glaring in their incongruous context of humiliation, and, I, for my part, wish to stand shorn of all special distinction, by the side or my countrymen who, for their so-called insignificance are liable to suffer degradation not fit for human. The point of origin of an earthquake is called the focus or hypocenter. It may occur anywhere from the surface to a depth of about km. A jar applied to such a point generates a series of elastic waves, which spread outward in all directions from the focus, as a series of waves will pass through a stone which is struck at blow with the hammer. Jan 04, †Ј The Point Of Origin An Earthquake Is Called Its Epicenter. What is the difference between an earthquake epicenter an overview physics behind an earthquake earthquakes earth s interior wele to virtual earthquake.

This is a Most important question of gk exam. Question is : What is the point of origin of an earthquake called? Quake centre, 2. Epicentre, 3. Seismic focus, 4. Tectonic point, 5. Buy Now! He as compliment unreserved projecting.

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Skip Navigation Links. What is the point of origin of an earthquake called? Complaint Here As Incorrect. The nation is -. It is Constitutional Amendment bill? Online GK. Quake centre. Seismic focus. Tectonic point.

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