What is flocked christmas trees

what is flocked christmas trees

What is a Flocked Christmas Tree?

Aug 28, Southern Living has previously described flocking as "a synthetic dust or powder that you can use to achieve the look of a Christmas tree with snow indoors." The flocking effect can be achieved by purchasing an already-flocked tree or by flocking a tree yourself. What is a Flocked Christmas Tree? Simply put, Christmas tree flocking is the process of adding artificial snow to a Christmas tree to create a natural effect and look of snow. And, without bringing real snow into your home before it becomes a puddle of water 30 minutes later.

Of flockex many curious holiday traditions figgy pudding? A issue of Popular Mechanics recommended varnish, corn starch, and flakes of the silicate mineral mica. But tree flocking as we know it really caught on in the late s and s, along with aluminum trees and other glitzy if not natural-looking decor of the how to watch world cup on itv boom.

General Mills marketed Sno-Flok home kits, to be applied using a gun that attached to a vacuum cleaner. Such christmws kits are not so popular these days, says Tom Leonard, owner of Peak Seasonsone of the country's largest manufacturers of Christmas tree lots supplies and tree flock.

Flocking itself, however, has retained a level of trers. The West Coast, the South, and the Southeast, the vast flocmed of it flockrd sold in those zones. So what exactly is flocking? At its core, flocking means attaching tiny fibers to a surface to create texture the process is also used in fashion, home decor, and crafts.

And the company makes a lot of it. Leonard says they're the largest manufacturer of flock in the United States and Europe. I mean truckloads and truckloads. Based in sunny Riverside, California, Cyristmas Seasons starts with paper and a grinder. The exception is certain bright what did obama do to medicare comes in white, black, pink, ice blue, royal blue, red, green, gold, and purplewhich require cotton fibers instead of paper to hold the dye.

The final product is almost like baby powder, shipped all over the country in large, cement-bag-sized bags. From there you need to affix the stuff in a nice even coat, which is where flock machines like the Mighty Sno-Blower come in. The machine then pumps the powder through a hose, and a gun at the end mixes it with a mist of water. There are all sorts of DIY recipes that include things like soap flakes or even desiccated coconut flakes. But if you do go pro, you want to be in the hands of someone like Paul Iantoscawho has been flocking trees in the Boston area for 20 years.

Flocking one tree in bright purple white is still most popularIantosca first sprays it down with christmws. Then, in an area closed off with plastic sheeting, he fires up the blower and blasts the tree evenly with what looks like a purple fog.

The stuff gets everywhere. He wears a mask to keep it out of his nose, but tres high-volume flockers wear full protective coveralls. But as it dries, the Christmas magic kicks in and it puffs up, turning into fluffy white or, in this case, purple fuzz firmly affixed to the needles. There are, of course, pitfalls. Not enough water, and whxt flocking falls off and makes a huge mess. Also, when you flock a tree, the color highlights its flaws.

A janky tree turns into a weird, uneven shrub. Have teres got a Big Question you'd like us to answer? If so, let us know by emailing us at bigquestions mentalfloss. BY Tate Williams. Big Questions christmas christmas-decorations holidays News.

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What is a Flocked Christmas Tree?

Aug 30, A flocked Christmas tree, or "flocking a Christmas tree," simply refers to the process by which many people around the word capture the real feeling of a winter wonderland via a generous dusting of artificial snow. You've definitely seen flocked Christmas trees before, especially if you've ever browsed artificial Christmas loveallfind.com: Country Living Staff. Aug 27, A flocked tree adds a touch of snowy ambience even if a white Christmas isnt in the forecast for your area this year. For those deep South spots that . A flocked Christmas tree means a tree given a natural snowy effect using artificial white powder or some powdery material. 2. How long will a flocked Christmas tree last? A flocked Christmas tree usually lasts for about ten years, and if it is kept protected from heat and humidity, it can last longer than this.

Christmas tree flocking is artificial snow that's applied to a real or artificial Christmas trees. It can be made at home or purchased from a craft store, and can be applied at home, though some artificial trees come with it already applied, and nurseries may also provide professional flocking services. Despite safety concerns, Christmas tree flocking is generally fine for use around children and pets, and may actually make a tree less of a fire hazard.

Many nurseries use Christmas tree flocking made from cellulose or cotton fibers, water, spray adhesive and, in many cases, a fire retardant. It comes in a variety of colors, and often has a sparkly material, like mica or glitter , mixed in to give it a more snow-like appearance.

People can also make a homemade version by mixing corn starch, soap flakes, and water, or shaving cream and glue. When applying flocking at home, it's best for a homeowner to first put the tree in a sheltered place, like a garage, and put down a tarp or drop cloth.

This ensures that the artificial snow will be able to dry properly, and makes clean up easier. It's also important to wear safety gear, including a mask, gloves, and goggles, since the mixture tends to fly around.

After setting up a work area, the person applying the flocking should wet a small section at the top of the tree with a spray bottle, and then dust the mixture on manually or with a sieve. She should continue to do the same thing on the rest of the tree, working from the top down to get a natural snowfall look.

This process generally takes a few hours. The tree should then be allowed to dry completely, which usually takes three to five days, depending on the temperature, after which it can be brought into the house and decorated. There are also pre-decorated trees available from nurseries, and many Christmas tree sellers have a custom flocking service for their customers. Some artificial trees also come with artificial snow already applied, either to smaller portions of the branches or to the entire tree many are pre-lit as well.

When purchasing this type of tree, it is important for shoppers to note that Christmas tree flocking on artificial trees can yellow over time. Storing the tree in a cool, dry place with low humidity can help to slow or prevent discoloration. When making and applying Christmas tree flocking at home, people should never use flammable materials and always keep the mixture away from children and pets. Though most mixtures aren't poisonous, they can cause intestinal obstructions if eaten, and can irritate the respiratory tract if inhaled.

People using commercial mixes should always follow the safety instructions and only use low-heat Christmas lights, since high-heat ones might melt the flocking and possibly cause a fire. Using artificial snow may also increase the safety of a Christmas tree in general, depending on the material it's made out of.

Latex-based mixtures may help seal moisture into the tree, preventing it from drying out as quickly and making it less of a fire hazard. As a general rule, Christmas trees should be kept well watered and away from heat sources to lower the risk of fire, whether they have flocking or not.

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