What happened to eddie ray routh

what happened to eddie ray routh

'American Sniper' trial: Deputy says defendant explained killings

Nov 08,  · Eddie Ray Routh’s Wiki. Eddie Ray Routh was born on September 30, , in Lancaster, Texas, to Jodi and Raymond Routh. Routh has an older sister who goes by the name Laura Blevins. From a very young age, Routh wanted to join the Marine Corps. So, after completing his high school education, the young man ventured out to accomplish his dream. Nov 23,  · The day before Eddie Ray Routh killed Chris Kyle, the most prolific sniper in American military history, he awoke in his childhood home and tried to get ready for work. Several months earlier the year-old former Marine had moved back in with his parents in Lancaster, Texas, a small, middle-class suburb just south of Dallas.

Sunday, February 2, marked seven years since the most lethal sniper in U. Although both died inthe question that still haunts the rouhh of both the deceased is: why did Eddie Ray Routh kill Chris Kyle?

He was shot by a former Marine at a shooting range. His family was heartbroken and, of course, wanted justice to be served. Years later, people want to know…who killed Chris Kyle? And what happened to his killer? Fddie you, too, are looking for some answers, then keep reading to find out about the man who killed Chris Kyl e. Routh has an older sister who goes by the name Laura Blevins. From a very young age, Routh wanted to join the Marine Corps.

So, after completing his high school education, the young man ventured out to accomplish his fo. In SeptemberWhat is scorecard in business was posted to a base near Baghdad, where he worked as a prison guard for six months and repaired weapons.

InRouth was deployed to Haiti for a humanitarian mission. Having served in gappened Marine How to ease my dogs itching for seven years, Routh was honorably discharged in Visit NBCNews. InHappsned worked at a local cabinet shop, how to change galaxy s5 home screen his anxiety was so bad that he could not drive on his own.

Jodi Routh was scared to leave her son alone. I was rddie afraid he was going to kill himself. Concerned about her son, Jodi Routh took him to several doctors to get him treated. But Routh was suicidal. When his condition worsened, his family took him to the Dallas VA, where he stayed for almost two weeks. After a few happehed, Routh refused to undergo treatment for alcohol abuse and stopped taking his medicine.

She approached Kyle and eddif her son with him, asking if he would help her son. On the ride there, Kyle had a feeling that something was wrong with Routh. Reportedly, he messaged Littlefield who was sitting just beside him in the passenger seat. Reportedly, Routh shot Kyle six timesincluding once in the back and one time through the jaw. He shot Littlefield seven times in the back, side, and head. It has been further reported that both Kyle and Littlefield rouuth.

The guns that were used to kill both the men belonged to Chris Kyle. His sister called the authorities, and, after a chase, the wha were finally able to nab Routh. Or sane. I was just riding in the back seat of the truck and nobody would talk to me. They were just taking me to the range, so I shot what is wood made of chemically. His trial, originally set for May 5,was delayed to provide more time for DNA testing.

His trial began on February 11, A forensic psychologist, Randall Price, was a witness for the prosecution who suspected that Routh was faking his schizophrenia. Instead, Price said that Routh actually had a paranoid personality disorder, which was aggravated by his drug use; using marijuana and t could be the cause of his psychotic symptoms. Another expert, Dr.

Rddie Arambula, testified that, since he was intoxicated at the time of the killings, he did not believe Routh was schizophrenic. After looking at the evidence, whay jury announced their wat in less than three hours of discussion.

On February 24,trial judge Jason Cashon sentenced Routh to whatever happened to whittni wright in prison without any possibility of parole. InAmerican Snipe r, a biographical war drama film directed by Clint Eastwood and written by Jason Hall was released to theaters. The film was nominated for six academy awards, including best picture. The movie follows the life of Chris Kyle, who became the number one sniper in U.

Military History by Chris Kyle. The famous sniper was honored at the first-ever annual Chris Kyle Legendary Classic, which took place at the Tierra Verde golf club in Arlington, Texas. The event was held to raise funds for the Chris Kyle Foundation that helps to improve the marriages of military service members, veterans, and first responders. They see the worst of the world; they need one safe place to come what happened to eddie ray routh to and we take care of that safe place. Home » Murderers.

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Feb 14,  · Story highlights. Deputy said he heard Eddie Ray Routh say he killed the men because they wouldn't talk to him. Routh's uncle said he and Routh smoked marijuana on the day of the slayings. On February 2, , Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield, 35, were shot and killed by Eddie Ray Routh at the Rough Creek Ranch-Lodge-Resort shooting range in Erath County, Texas. Both Kyle and Littlefield were armed withcaliber style pistols when they were killed, but neither gun had been unholstered or fired, and the safety catches. Tuesday Fast Five With Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS) Remembering Beloved GH Stars Who Have Passed; Five Things That Happened On April 20 In Soap History.

Stephenville, Texas CNN A former deputy testified last week that he overheard the defendant in the "American Sniper" murder trial explain why he killed two men.

More Videos Story highlights Deputy said he heard Eddie Ray Routh say he killed the men because they wouldn't talk to him Routh's uncle said he and Routh smoked marijuana on the day of the slayings Chris Kyle, whose story was told in "American Sniper," and Chad Littlefield were shot to death on February 2, I was just riding in the back seat of the truck and nobody would talk to me. They were just taking me to the range so I shot them.

I feel bad about it, but they wouldn't talk to me. I'm sure they've forgiven me. Testimony resumes Monday in Routh's trial. Routh's lawyer admits his client killed the men but contends he was insane at the time.

In other testimony, Texas Ranger David Armstrong said investigators searched Routh's residence and found drug paraphernalia, including a pipe commonly used for methamphetamine as well as "a ceramic pipe, what's believed to be a bong, a grinder used to grind different substances and a loose leafy green substance" which lab tests confirmed was marijuana.

Read More. Armstrong also noticed a nearly empty bottle of whiskey in Routh's kitchen. Routh's uncle, James Watson, testified that on the day of the slayings he was rousted out of bed by a call from Routh's girlfriend, asking him to come over because she and Routh had been arguing.

He said he showed up and smoked marijuana with Routh, offered fatherly advice about women and played a hymn from his phone. They smoked marijuana together occasionally, Watson said, and Routh smoked "not everyday, but pretty regular. When asked what they usually did after smoking marijuana, Watson said, "We just sit around and enjoy it.

Routh left the house abruptly, apparently because Kyle had arrived to take him to the firing range, Watson said. Hours later, Routh showed up at Watson's home and allegedly said, "I'm driving a dead man's truck" -- apparently a reference to Kyle's truck, which he allegedly stole after the killings.

Watson said this did not alarm him because Routh sometimes made bizarre statements after returning from military service, such as saying the government was after him. The prosecutor asked Watson whom he thought Routh was referring to, and Watson said, "I thought he was referring to himself. After being arrested, Routh told a detective he was worried about his own mental state, according to an officer's body camera video.

In the video played in court Thursday, Routh was sitting in Kyle's stolen truck when he told a detective: "I don't know if I'm going insane. Routh also spoke of voodoo, hell and the apocalypse in the video.

Jeffrey Barnard, a medical examiner with the Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences, testified that two of the six bullets that hit Kyle would have been "rapidly fatal. A prosecutor asked Barnard several times whether the other victim had wounds consistent with someone lying on the ground or in a kneeling position, but the doctor couldn't say. The prosecution appeared to be attempting to establish that Littlefield and Kyle were defenseless when shot.

Both men were shot multiple times at a Texas firing range in February Victims had loaded guns. Kyle and Littlefield were wearing loaded handguns in their waistbands when they were found, an investigator testified Thursday. Michael Adcock with the Texas Department of Public Safety said he also found shell casings, ammunition and several firearms on the ground when he arrived at the Rough Creek Lodge firing range outside Dallas. The guns on Kyle and Littlefield's bodies were loaded, but two "old-style Western" revolvers were lying on the ground with all the bullets fired, Adcock testified.

The slain men had fired these pistols at targets, the prosecutor has said. The two men took Routh, a veteran with mental problems, to the firing range as a kind of therapy, lawyers have said. After the killings, Adcock said, Routh drove Kyle's pickup to a Taco Bell off Interstate 35 and purchased two bean burritos, leaving a restaurant receipt in the driver's side door of the truck. The trial began Wednesday with a lawyer using Kyle's own words to bolster an insanity defense.

He admitted that he killed the two men and said he "knew what he was doing was wrong," the prosecutor said. A day at the range. Kyle had already risen to fame through his book when he died. He'd been doing charitable work to help former troops suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The range is a small, remote part of the sprawling 11,acre Rough Creek Lodge, and the men were isolated, authorities said. Frank Alvarez, resident manager of Rough Creek Lodge, testified Kyle had "exclusive access to the range when he came out. Kyle had said he was going to use the range for about 45 minutes, Alvarez testified, but "about 5 p.

I got a radio call that said I had to go to the shooting range. Something had happened. A hunting guide found Kyle, 38, and Littlefield, 35, Kyle's friend, motionless and called The men were dead when officers arrived.

Correction: Earlier versions of this report incorrectly described the military background of Chad Littlefield, who was killed with Chris Kyle. Littlefield was not a veteran.

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