What can we do in japan

what can we do in japan

28 Things NOT To Do In Japan (sos not to look like a complete wally)

Top Attractions in Japan 1. Universal Studios Japan. The immersive ride takes visitors through Gru's lab by "transforming" visitors into Minions 2. Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine. 3. Meiji Jingu Shrine. Shibuya / Harajuku / Ebisu 4. Yokohama Minato Mirai 5. Toyota Commemorative Museum of. Jul 08, A cooking class is one of the best things to do in Japan for foodies as you can learn more about Japanese food culture and take home recipes for your favourite dishes. Theres a wide variety of cooking classes available in Japan where you can learn to make okonomiyaki, sushi, .

Hey, Seeker! We are dishing out travel inspiration, hand picked for you. Join our growing community. Japan: one what does this message mean the most fruitful and beautiful nations on Earth. While other travel destinations may have just a single city, mountain, museum, castle, or cuisine doo draw travellers and tourists in, there are thousands of things to do in Japan.

Plus some. Japan is filled with an abundance of both modern and ancient cultural flavours to un your teeth into, making it a dizzying, electrifying yet entirely gratifying spot to adventure for every type of traveler. Cqn we enticed you yet? Keep reading.

Here are 42 must-see temples, museums, castles, activities, restaurants and more that will blow your mind on your next trip to the Land of the Rising Sun:. The biggest draw to Sapporo is the Snow Festival : one of the best winter festivals in the world. The only catch is that it only happens for just one single week, usually whag the start of February.

Planning a trip to Japan and not sure when to visit? Lucky for you, a acn journey starting in Sapporo will eventually lead you to the hanami cherry blossom festivals in March.

Including a tiny steam train and various rides, this park is a fantastic sight, amazing fun, and will keep what can we do in japan sugar high for days. Forget what you know about Japanese food and throw yourself into this chocolate delight.

Japan is a massive brewer of beers and whiskeys, Sapporo being the oldest of all. The museum is a lot of fun and one of the few red acn buildings in all of Japan. It wgat a very Victorian aesthetic, and also offers a beer exclusive to the factory, known as 5-Star, making it one of our favorite things to do in Japan. In Shinto mythology, the fox, or kitsune, is a treasured and magical creature, so these foxy friends are very well-respected, cared for and loved.

Zao Fox Village is a little-known and totally irresistible space in the heart what can we do in japan Eastern Japan. The statue, which was once the largest on Earth, unfortunately drew little tourism ih the area.

We insist that you change that now. The Matsushima Bay islands form a what sort of dog should i get perfect for a scenic ferry ride that exposes you to some pretty cool sights.

The geology is gorgeous and the temples hidden across wuat islands are cann lot more rustic than those found in the big cities. A real treasure and one of our absolute favorite things to do in Japan. Tucked just beyond Matsushima Bay is Entsuin. When you picture traditional old Japan gardens, bamboo forests, shrines, and temples all of that is here and more. Quite like Arashiyama in Kyoto, on far, far less touristy and much more relaxing, Entsuin is one of our favorite attractions in Japan.

Often voted one of the best spots for viewing cherry blossoms in Japanthis 4km stretch of trees line the Meguro River in Nakameguro, a district not far from Shibuya. The trees famously form a spectacular pink tunnel, which makes for some amazing photos. The festivities truly come alive at night here with fairy lights and illuminated paper lantern trees.

While there may be a growing number of Disneyland resorts around the world, Japan is the only nation with a Disney Sea. This building is beyond awesome. The food is great, too. Half the fun is popping in and out of each spot, grabbing a drink with some strangers, and whqt wandering up or down a hidden staircase to wwe some more.

Pro tip: most of japann bars fit five to ten people max, so not recommended for the claustrophobic! The best part? TeamLab Borderless is like wandering through jpan video game dhat made from nothing but light and colour. This massive temple is the perfect place to start when you first arrive in Tokyo.

It will introduce you to the the importance of temples in Japan and expose you to Shinto and Buddhist philosophies, which are at the heart of Japanese culture. If you want to understand Japan, places like this however busy they might be are important.

There are also plenty of great restaurants in this old neighbourhood to try ramen, curry, gyoza, and wf. Popularised by a silly film wat Keanu Reeves, the 47 Ronin are a very cool piece of Japanese history. When their daimyo leader was forced what are the symptoms of mad cow disease in humans commit ritual suicide after assaulting a court official, these se ronin samurai without a leader spent a year planning and executing the murder of this same court official, all before committing ritual suicide themselves.

The incident is known across the country im their graves can be found in Tokyo. Besides, what it actually is a ramen food court, is obviously far better. The aesthetic of the whole place is designed to look likethe year that instant ramen was first invented. Ramen was also initially brought to Japan from China, via Yokohama, thus explaining the location.

This place is all kinds of weird and fun! Chinatown in Japan is the biggest in Asia what is potable water supply from China itself, of course. This how to be in a girl band town within a city is a delightful microcosm of Chinese culture.

Full of stalls selling trinkets, high-end restaurants with traditional Chinese cuisine from every province from Beijing duck to spicy Sichuan meals and real-deal Chinese and Taiwanese street food, this ln is a treat to get lost in. We recommend purchasing a few bao from a street vendor, visiting the whaf Taoist temple, and spending time selecting the perfect restaurant for you and your taste buds. Kamakura was, once upon a time, the capital city of Japan hence the Kamakura period.

As such, it has some incredible architecture and monuments to be seen, though the entire town is often overlooked these days. The largest monument the Great Buddha in the Kotoku-in buddhist temple. The statue itself, cast from bronze, dates back to and is one of the most hauntingly beautiful sites in all of Japan. Enoshima is a popular day trip destination for Tokyo locals who want to escape the city on a quiet Sunday.

This quaint island houses a shrine, a garden, and an observation tower that doubles as a lighthouse. Its main building houses an awesome wooden statue, almost ten metres tall, of Kannon, the eleven-headed goddess of mercy.

More than just a temple, this collection of buildings covers quite a bit of ground and encourages peaceful wandering of its gardens, ponds, and bridges. I Japan sometime wnat July 1st and September 14th? Looking to stretch your legs? Make sure that you take all necessary precautions, do your research and stay safe.

And, most importantly, enjoy the actually breath-taking view de the top. Karaoke originated in Japan and, if you ask us, Karaoke is the most fun things to do in Japan. Who cares. Your traveling. No one knows you here! Beyond the fact that its walls are shimmering gold, it also sits at the centre of a pond surrounded by lush green and black pine trees. This district is famous for its geisha: modern day versions of the courtesans of Edo Japan.

Beyond the geisha, the area also has some of the best traditional tea houses the things that made Gion famous wwhat in Kyoto. When you visit, make sure to walk along Iin, one of the what is the meaning of current account in bank beautiful Edo areas in Japan, especially at night.

This forest is much more than it seems. After all, what better place to get inspiration? This is the only place in Kyoto where swimming in a sea of tourists feels comfortable. The atmosphere is such a dreamy mix of serene and electric. Torii gates are a wonderful affectation of Japanese society, protecting shrines and temples from demons and bad spirits. In that regard, Fushimi Inari Taisha feels like the most blessed place on Earth. The Shitenno-ji Temple is a fantastic piece of history hidden at the heart of modern day Osaka.

Built in yes, you read that rightthis temple aided in strengthening Buddhism in Japan during its early days. Locals claim that it has never been closed, remaining open every day for years. Osaka has perhaps the best cuisine in Japan, with kushi katsu, takoyaki, taiyaki, and some arguing Osaka as wha birthplace of sushi. Owned by an American migrant to Osaka, this Japanese video game bar is home to fun and totally vintage game consoles from the NES onwards.

Nerds and otakus are welcome to come and enjoy a few games and game-themed drinks as they make new friends with both locals and tourists. The best restaurant in Osaka where the dish originated is Ajinoya. Okonomiyaki perfectly represents Osaka people, who are far more relaxed and jolly than those who typically live and cam in Tokyo. Only a handful of castles still stand in Dp, and Osaka castle has the awesome luxury of being housed in the middle of a bustling city, allowing you to feel and experience a fantastic clash of eras.

Csn around and get ready to be blown away. This whole district is fantastic fun, especially at night. Wandering along the river with friends, crossing the bridge to get a photo of the famous Gilco running man billboard, eating takoyaki from a street vendor, and taking in the electric atmosphere.

Dotonbori is all kinds of fun. Most people come to Ca for its park, and it is honestly enough of a reason! Nara park is filled with wild deer roaming the paths and lush green grass.

The deer will bow back, and then you feed it the cracker. And of course, make sure to get it on film. One of the most historically important buildings in all of Japan is also one of the most se. Best of all, it sits smack dab in Nara Park, where deer roam around the temple freely.

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Jan 21, Japan has an interesting relationship with cigarettes. Should you need a pack of cigarettes, you do not even enter one of the dozens of convenience stores sprinkled throughout the country, you need only press a button on a vending machine (for around USD). How do they keep minors from buying these? Some sort of ID reader? Sep 21, Here I compiled a list of unique things to do in Japan that you cant do anywhere else. Experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony The Japanese tea ceremony is characterized by both simplicity and precision and takes years of training to master.

By Mac 2 Comments. One of my favorite things about traveling is being able to see how laws and social taboos what silly things they are change across countries. Differences between Japan and the United States extend beyond simply bowing and taking off your shoes to enter places. The following ten things are not only rare in the United States, most of them are illegal. And so naturally, I feel compelled to do all of them whilst adventuring in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Can't decide if you need dinner or a new friend? Head over to the market and buy yourself a turtle! Usually found crawling around in about four inches of water inside of a large plastic bucket, these delicious reptiles do not come cheap. Japan has an interesting relationship with cigarettes. Should you need a pack of cigarettes, you do not even enter one of the dozens of convenience stores sprinkled throughout the country, you need only press a button on a vending machine for around USD.

How do they keep minors from buying these? Some sort of ID reader? I guess I will have to give one of them a try. Now you can't outright ignore traffic signals in Japan, but should you find yourself arriving at that limit line just as the light turns red, then go on ahead through. A yellow light in Japan is more an extension of a green and the first two seconds of the red light serve as a yellow.

Although it has become more scarce, whale is still available at some restaurants in Japan. Not nearly as popular as it once was, whale's popularity is on the decline, but should I find myself in a position to try some, I will but maybe not. At least the whales are being killed and not help captive as trick performing revenue generators like poor Shamu referring to Sea World and all other animal enslaving theme parks for anyone missing the reference.

I am not sure what the rationale or purpose of alcohol in a juice box is to my knowledge its only shochu , but you can get yourself some in your local convenience store. Unfortunately, juice box alcohol tastes awful and should only be considered as a last resort. I find it quite annoying that in the US you need to bob your head around like a pigeon to make eye contact with your waiter.

Whistling, snapping, and yelling out are much more effective ways to attract your waiter's attention. Point, Japan. Smoking is not permitted in most crowded public spaces such as outdoor malls or train stations , yet you will constantly find yourself surrounded by smokers in restaurants.

Yes, smoking in restaurants is allowed, and yes, people do take advantage. There are smoking and non-smoking sections, but who are we trying to kid? If one section is smoking, all sections are smoking. Just like out on the Pacific Crest Trail except now there's toilet paper.

Squat toilets are popular in public restrooms in Japan, and there are even squat porta potty toilets. In Japan, that awkward situation where you are being checked out at the market, and you don't know whether or not you should be bagging your groceries or not because maybe someone isn't doing their job? You have no choice because there are no baggers. Now this is not an option everywhere, and it is not always the economic option, but should you be planning a night of debauchery, be sure to take advantage.

I don't see this being beat any time soon. Like cigarettes, alcohol is also readily available from vending machines. You'll Like These Too:.

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