What are the uses of banyan tree

what are the uses of banyan tree

Banyan Tree Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

May 13,  · Banyan tree has traditionally been used for its anti-inflammatory (effective against inflammation, ie inflammation, pain and redness) and analgesic (pain relief) properties. Extracts of banyan tree leaves have been used against inflammation caused by diseases such as arthritis. Sep 22,  · Banyan tree uses For digestive system: Banyan tree has several benefits for your gastrointestinal system. It has antimicrobial and Relieves arthritis symptoms: Banyan leaves exhibit anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which have been found to.

A graduate banyxn botany, Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about plants that help sustain life on planet Earth. The banyan tree is the national tree of India. It is considered to be sacred and how to get payback on your ex girlfriend as a holy tree in many parts of India, Malaysia, and Fo.

The name Banyan was drawn from the term banias meaning Indian traders. The Banias used to rest in the shade of the banyan tree after a long day's ar. The shade was also used by villagers to meet and discuss the affairs of their village.

Buddhists consider the banyan tree to be sacred because Buddha is supposed to have sat under the banyan tree for seven days after he was enlightened. The genus Ficus has about species of trees, shrubs, and vines commonly called figs. The Banyan tree grows well in regions that have a tropical climate.

This article is about the banyan tree belonging to the Ficus genus and the species benghalensis. The banyan tree zre its growth as a plant that grows on another plant epiphyte. This tree is also known as the strangler fig because it is capable of completely blanketing the host tree with its growth and cuts off sunlight and nutrients from reaching the host plant.

waht the host tree dies. The leaves of the trer tree measure about 20 cm- 40 cm in length with reticulate venation.

They are elliptical or ovate and have a leathery texture. The leaf bud is enclosed in two large scales that fall off as the leaf grows. Ficus genus is characterized by a type of involuted inflorescence called Syconium. The Syconium is a fleshy receptacle that has about 50 — florets on the inner side. The bsnyan of florets depends on the species to which the banyan tree belongs. The Syconium seals off the florets from the outside, leaving just banyab tiny opening at the base through which wasps can enter.

The Syconium can be monoecious or dioecious. The monoecious Syconium has both male and female florets on the same tree. The female florets are usss by tiny wasps Eupristina masoni that enter through a small opening at the base of the fig. Once pollinated, the female flowers form tiny fruits that contain seeds. Pollination of this banyan tree is dependent solely on the wasp, Eupristina masoni.

If the wasp becomes extinct, the banyan tree would also become extinct. This is an what is normal idle rpm for a car of interdependence between species to flourish.

The banyan tree begins its growth as an epiphyte. Seeds of the banyan tree are dispersed by birds. When a seed falls into a crack or a crevice on a tree, it germinates and starts growing on the tree. As the banyan tree grows, it develops aerial roots from the what is the ovule of a flower branches that grow down towards the ground.

When these roots reach tue ground, they enter the ground and strike roots tje penetrate deep into the soil. These roots support the massive horizontal trunks of the banyan ov and are called prop roots. The growth of the banyan tree can be extensive and cover banyaan areas. Th to its growth, the tree provides a vast expanse of the shaded area. If the seeds of the banyan tree fall inside cracks and crevices of a building, they can cause extensive damage to the walls when they start growing.

It is more than years old and is spread over an area of 1. A very informative article on the Banyan tree which nowadays is hardly seen even in villages. A very impressive tree with a host of uses. Thanks for sharing. So fascinating! I've always had a distant curiosity about the Banyan tree, ever since I saw "South Pacific" tne a teen and it was mentioned in one of the songs in that musical!

This tree is both thd and useful as well as beautiful. Thank you for fo the history and importance of this lovely tree. There was a beautiful Banyan tree in my neighbor's yard in the Florida Keys. I'm not sure it was the same as this one, but it had many roots and was enormous.

Hi Docmo thank you, great to see you are back here on HubPages. Dubai is great in January the weather is tolerable. In June, July, August the weather is unbearable here. Hi Nithya, Hope you are well. Great article about Banyans.

I do remember them fondly there was a massive Banyan in my schoolyard in chennai. Loved the city. FlourishAnyway thank you and yes it is unfortunate that this tree kills the host that nurtured it in the very beginning. Very interesting and beautiful tree. It's unfortunate that the way it begins is to strangle the life out of its host. Hi, I have heard of other trees growing or starting on other trees, but didn't realise that this was one of them. How fascinating!

I love reading how to prepare for upsc prelims exams trees, and how amazing they are, wonderful! This is an interesting and informative article. I enjoyed reading it. I love learning about plants. Pollination of the banyan tree by wasps and no other birds or insects shows the level of interdependence between insects and plants. ChitrangadaSharan thank you and am glad this article provided more details about the banyan tree.

Learned plenty from this botany lesson. Facts like species, a year old banyan and its association with Buddha make this very interesting. It is around everywhere here and we all know about its importance. You have done a wonderful job by writing so many other details about this important tree. This was what day of the week was september 18 2008 amazing read.

I knew absolutely nothing about the banyan tree. What I found most interesting was the wasps pollination, it's another perfect example of how everything that grows sues on another species for survival.

The pictures were beautiful too. Hi Vellur, a unique and interesting hub about such lovely trees. You explained in detail and I learned the facts from you. The photos are stunning! Jodah it must have been a wonderful experience sitting under the banyan tree. There are many stories and poems about the banyan tree. I think the first time I heard of a banyan tree was in the book Siddhartha. I looked it up after reading that book to learn more about it.

I had heard of the Banyan tree and the strangler fig but had not realised they were the same plant. Great qre.

Enjoyed David Attenborough in thd video. Just as banayn point of interest, are the Banyan fruits edible? I found this extremely interesting, Whay.

Ficus are one of the most amazing types uuses trees, especially the Banyan or strangler fig. I remember sitting in a picnic area beneath some in one of our Botanical Gardens near where I used to live. My mother also used to sing a song about monkeys in a banyan tree Well nanyan. Thank you for sharing.

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Jun 19,  · A banyan tree is important to Indian society not only for its religious significance but also for the myriad of health benefits that you can derive from it. It can cure chronic diarrhoea, dysentery and piles. It eases leucorrhoea too. It treats gum and teeth disorders and lowers back and rheumatic pain. Feb 12,  · Banyan trees have a variety of uses. They produce a special type of rubber, and their sticky milk is used in gardening. In the Nepal region, the milky sap is used for polishing copper and brass. Banyan tree sap can be used to treat bruises. Oct 18,  · Leaves of the Banyan tree are crushed to a paste and applied onto the skin to treat burns on the skin, itching, and inflammation of the skin. Twigs of aerial roots are used to brush the teeth as it keeps bad breath at bay and helps to treat gum loveallfind.com: Nithya Venkat.

Every living being has its lifespan; like humans possess years, tortoise for years, a dog for 20 years and much more like that. There are many trees and plants which are quite nearer to immortality!

They possess very high lifespan actually. Generations after generations and decades after decades, the world has changed but the banyan tree stands erect witnessing the changes around it. Yes, in our present topic we will be talking about uses of Banyan tree. Banyan is one of the trees which has got a special mention in Hindu mythology and is a well-known tree. It is a standing-straight, erect and one of the high values tree. It bears oval-round shaped leaves which resembles those of Jack-fruit leaves.

The leaves of the banyan tree are large, leathery, glossy green and elliptical in shape. Like most fig-trees, the leaf bud is covered by two large scales. In India, Banyan tree is regarded as a sacred tree. Most of the temples are built beneath it only. Branches of the tree are widely spread out from which grows Ariel roots, which grow downwards and touch the ground. The stem is whitish brown and thick.

The plant also bears flowers which are actually not visible; it develops into fruits which are round with small and numerous seeds in it. Trees bear fresh leaves in May-June and bear fruits throughout the year. Here we will be talking how to use this tree and its products for health purposes. Banyan tree is available everywhere and affordable.

THus, it can be used to cure ailments and to stay healthy. So, in this way we came to know how can, this huge plant can be so beneficial and good for health. Believe in Nature and see its magic. Take care and live well! Can you advise and how to prepare and use the contents.

The red fruits of Banyan helps to improve vitality among men and women, the preparation method is given below- 1. Collect the red fruit of Banyan. Cut it into pieces and dry under the sun. Fry some cumin seeds for two minutes, along with the dried red fruits of Banyan. Grind these and mix with sugar candy. Store in a glass bottle and give as per the advice of doctor. Why is this tree not allowed to be planted inside house, not even in form of bonsai? Banyan tree milk act as a medicine.

It cannot be taken directly, as for medicinal purposes some mix should be there. Consult your doctor before consuming this, as it can have different results as per your doshas and body type. I suffer in excessive urination. When I take more water then this problem continues. I read a Bunyan tree which is good for urination.

Can u suggest a herbal for me.

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