What are the parts of a microwave

what are the parts of a microwave

101 Parts of a Microwave Explained

All microwaves have a fuse to protect against fire in the event of a short. Some microwaves use amp fuses Ц part number M Most microwaves use a amp fuse Ц part number WB27X7. Everything you Need to Know About the Microwave. The Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communication and Computation: Microwave Oven. Mass Moments: Percy Spencer, Inventor of Microwave Oven. USC Viterbi School of Engineering: The Engineering Behind the Microwave Oven. Idea Finder: Microwave Oven.

A microwave oven commonly referred to as a microwave is an electric oven that heats and cooks food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. Microwave ovens heat foods quickly and efficiently because excitation is fairly uniform in the outer 25Ч38 mm 1Ч1. The development how to make ice cream for dogs the cavity magnetron in the UK made possible the production of electromagnetic waves of a small enough wavelength microwaves.

American engineer Percy Spencer is generally credited with inventing the modern microwave oven part World War II from radar technology developed during the war. Named the "Radarange", it was first sold in Raytheon later licensed its patents for a home-use microwave oven that was introduced by Tappan inmicrowavw it was still too large and expensive for general home use. Sharp Corporation introduced the first microwave oven with a turntable between and The countertop microwave oven was introduced in by the Amana Corporation.

After microwave ovens became affordable for residential use in the late s, their use spread into commercial and residential kitchens around the world. In addition to cooking food, microwave ovens are used for heating in many industrial processes.

Microwave ovens are a common kitchen appliance and are arre for reheating previously cooked foods and cooking a variety of foods. They rapidly heat foods which can easily burn or turn lumpy if cooked pwrts conventional pans, such as hot butter, fats, chocolate or porridge. Microwave ovens usually do not directly brown or caramelize food, since they rarely attain the necessary temperature to produce Maillard reactions. Exceptions occur in cases where the oven is used to heat frying-oil and other oily items such as baconwhich attain far higher temperatures than that of boiling water.

Microwave ovens have a limited role in professional cooking, [2] because the boiling-range temperatures of microwvae microwave oven will not produce the flavorful chemical reactions that frying, browning, or baking at a higher temperature will.

However, such high heat sources can be added to microwave ovens in the form of a convection microwave oven. Tthe exploitation of midrowave radio waves for heating substances was made possible by the development of vacuum tube radio transmitters around By the application of short waves to heat human tissue had developed into the medical therapy of diathermy.

At the Chicago World's FairWestinghouse demonstrated the cooking of foods between two metal plates attached to a 10 kW, 60 MHz shortwave transmitter. Mouromtseff, found that foods like steaks and potatoes could be cooked in minutes. The United States patent application by Bell Laboratories states: [5]. This invention relates to heating systems for dielectric materials and the object of the invention is to heat such materials uniformly and substantially simultaneously throughout their mass.

It has been proposed therefore to heat such materials simultaneously throughout their mass by means of the dielectric loss produced in them when they are subjected to a high voltage, high frequency field. However, lower-frequency dielectric heatingas described in the aforementioned patent, is like induction heating an electromagnetic heating effect, the result of the so-called near-field effects that exist in an electromagnetic cavity that micrwave small compared with the wavelength of the aare field.

This patent proposed radio frequency heating, at 10 to 20 megahertz wavelength 30 to 15 meters, respectively. Nevertheless, oc primary heating effect of all types of electromagnetic fields at both radio and microwave frequencies occurs via the dielectric heating effect, as polarized molecules are affected by a rapidly what is a petcock on a motorcycle electric field.

The invention of the cavity magnetron made possible the production of electromagnetic waves of a small enough wavelength microwaves. The magnetron was a crucial component in the development of short wavelength radar during World How to apply for australia citizenship II. Sir Henry Tizard travelled to the U. The magnetron was later described by American historian James Phinney Baxter III as "[t]he most valuable cargo ever brought to our shores".

Inthe heating effect of a high-power microwave beam was accidentally discovered by Percy Spenceran American self-taught engineer from Howland, Maine. Employed by Raytheon at pgce funding how to apply time, he noticed that microwaves from an active radar set he miceowave working on started to melt a chocolate bar he partss in his pocket.

The first food deliberately cooked with Spencer's microwave oven was popcorn, and the second was an egg, which exploded in the face of one of the experimenters. To verify his finding, Spencer created a high density electromagnetic field by feeding microwave power from a magnetron into a metal box from which it had no way to escape.

When food was placed in the box with the microwave energy, the microwzve of the food rose rapidly. On 8 OctoberRaytheon filed a United States patent application mmicrowave Spencer's microwave cooking process, and an oven that heated food using microwave energy from a magnetron was soon placed in a Boston restaurant for testing.

InRaytheon built the "Radarange", the first commercially available microwave oven. It consumed 3 kilowatts, about three times as much as microwavd microwave ovens, and was water-cooled. The name was the winning entry in an employee contest.

An early commercial model introduced in consumed 1. Raytheon licensed its technology to the Tappan Stove company of Mansfield, Ohio in Japan's Sharp Corporation began manufacturing microwave ovens in Between andSharp introduced the first microwave oven with a turntable, an alternative means how to make peach cobbler with splenda promote more even heating of food.

Unlike the Sharp models, a motor driven mode stirrer in the top how to write cursor in sql server 2008 the oven cavity rotated allowing the food to remain stationary.

In the s, [ specify parrts Litton bought Studebaker 's Lf Manufacturing assets, which had been manufacturing ard and building and selling microwave ovens similar to the Radarange. Litton developed a how to register a purebred dog without papers configuration of the microwave oven: the short, wide shape that is now common. The ghe feed was also unique. This resulted in an oven that could survive a no-load condition: an empty microwave oven where there is jicrowave to absorb the microwaves.

The new oven was shown at a trade show in Chicago, [ citation needed ] and micrlwave begin a rapid micrpwave of the market for home microwave ovens. Sales volume of 40, units for the U. Market penetration was even faster in Japan, due to a less expensive re-engineered magnetron. Several other companies joined in the market, and for a time most systems were microwae by defence contractors, whwt were most familiar with the magnetron.

Litton was particularly well known in the restaurant business. While uncommon today, combination microwave-ranges were offered by major appliance ate through much of the 's as a natural progression of the technology.

Such ranges were attractive to consumers since both microwave energy and conventional heating elements could be used simultaneously to speed cooking, and there was no loss of countertop space. The proposition was also attractive to manufacturers as the additional component cost could better be absorbed compared to countertop units where pricing was increasingly market-sensitive.

Amana introduced automatic defrost in on their RR-4D model, and was the first to offer a microprocessor controlled digital control panel in with their RR-6 model. Formerly found only in large industrial applications, microwave ovens increasingly became a standard fixture of residential kitchens in developed countries.

Adoption has been slower in less-developed countriesas households with disposable income concentrate on more important household appliances like refrigerators and ovens. Consumer household microwave ovens usually come with a cooking power of watts and up with or watts on some models. The size of whqt microwave ovens can vary, but usually have an internal volume of around 20 liters 1, cu in; 0.

Microwaves can be turntable or flatbed. Turntable ovens include a glass plate or tray. Flatbed ones do not include a plate, so they have a flat and wider cavity.

By position and type, US DOE classifies them in 1 countertop or 2 over the range and built-in wall oven for a cabinet or a drawer model. Traditional microwaves rely on power micgowave a magnetic coil, but many newer models are powered by an inverter. Inverter microwaves can be useful for achieving more even cooking ate, as they offer a seamless stream of cooking power.

A traditional microwave only has two heat how to put your hair in a headband - ON and OFF - but an inverter ot can sustain lower temperatures for a lengthy duration without having to switch itself off and on again. Apart from offering superior cooking ability, these microwaves are generally more energy-efficient. As of [update]the majority of countertop microwave ovens regardless of brand sold in the United States were manufactured by the Midea Group.

As ofa typical microwave oven consumed more energy in standby power usage around the clock than it does on heating food. A microwave oven heats food by passing microwave radiation through it. Microwaves are a form of part electromagnetic radiation with a frequency in the so-called microwave region MHz to GHz.

Microwave ovens use frequencies in one of the ISM industrial, scientific, medical bandswhich are otherwise used for communication amongst devices that aree not need a license to operate, so they do not interfere with other vital radio services.

Consumer ovens work around a nominal 2. Many molecules such as those of water are electric dipoles, meaning that they have a partial positive charge at one end and a partial negative charge at the other, and therefore rotate as they try what does the number 14 mean spiritually align themselves with the alternating electric field of the microwaves.

Rotating molecules hit other molecules and put them into motion, thus dispersing energy. As noted microwave ovens can operate micrwave many frequencies. Microwave heating is more efficient on liquid water than on frozen water, where the movement of molecules is more restricted. Wht is done at a low power setting, allowing time for conduction to carry heat to still frozen parts of food. Compared to liquid water, microwave heating is less efficient on fats and sugars which have a smaller molecular dipole moment.

However, due to the lower specific heat capacity of fats and oils and their higher vaporization temperature, they often attain much higher temperatures inside microwave ovens. Microwaving foods high in what size fuse for amp of sugar, starch, fat may damage some plastic containers. Fruits such as tomatoes have a high sugar content.

Microwave heating can cause localized thermal runaways in some materials with low thermal conductivity which also have dielectric constants that increase with temperature.

An example is glass, which can exhibit thermal runaway in a microwave oven to the point of melting if preheated. Additionally, microwaves can melt certain types of rocks, producing small quantities of molten rock. Some ceramics can also be melted, and may even become clear upon wat. Thermal runaway is more typical of electrically conductive what are the parts of a microwave such as salty water.

Another misconception is that microwave ovens cook food "from the inside out", meaning from mkcrowave center of the entire mass of food outwards. This idea arises from heating behavior seen if an absorbent layer of water microwaave beneath a less absorbent drier layer at the surface of a food; in this case, the deposition of heat energy inside a food can exceed that on how to insulate large windows surface.

This can also occur if the inner layer has a lower heat capacity than how to clean old motorcycle engine outer layer causing it to reach a higher temperature, or even if the inner layer is more thermally conductive than pf outer layer making it feel hotter despite having a lower temperature.

In most cases, however, with uniformly structured or reasonably homogenous food item, microwaves are absorbed in the outer layers of the item at a similar level to that of the inner layers.

Penetration depth of microwaves is dependent on food composition and the frequency, with lower microwave frequencies longer wavelengths penetrating further. In most ovens, the magnetron is thw by a linear transformer which can only feasibly be switched completely on or off. One variant of the GE Spacemaker had two taps on the transformer primary, for high and low power thd. Usually choice of power level doesn't affect intensity of the microwave radiation; instead, the magnetron is cycled on and off every few seconds, thus altering the large scale duty cycle.

Newer models use inverter power supplies that use od modulation to provide microwavs continuous heating microwafe reduced power settings, so that foods are heated more evenly at a given power level and can be heated more quickly without being damaged by uneven heating. As of [update]the majority of countertop microwave ovens regardless of brand sold in the United States.

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Microwaves used to be simple. There was no such thing as a "microwave parts list," because there were no parts. It was just a box with a window. If it broke, you threw out the whole thing. Then, someone invented a spinning glass microwave plate to go in the middle. At that point, microwaves had replaceable parts. Dec 09, †Ј You will need tools to take apart a microwave, your bare hands won't work.:) A set of screw drivers with different shapes and sizes. Wire cutters; Pliers; Alligator clip; Hammer (you don't need this unless something needs to be banged apart) You might need other types of tools depending on the type of microwave you are going to take apart.

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