Video on how to tie your shoes

video on how to tie your shoes

how to tie your shoe

Jul 15,  · Learning to tie your shoes can be fun! Here, we show you how to tie your shoes in 5 easy steps. To learn more about Occupational Therapy for Children and Tee. Jan 20,  · The fastest way to tie your shoes! This video breaks down how to tie your shoes with the Ian knot. The steps are presented in a clear and concise manner, tha.

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How to Teach Your Kids Self-Control

Tie your shoes song | Learn how to tie shoes song for children, kids and preschoolers | Help tying shoes, help tie shoesBuy our videos and songs! https://pat. Nov 07,  · Step Grab loops & tighten Grab the loop that’s now on the left with your left hand, and grab the other loop with your right hand. Pull tight, and your shoe is tied! TIP: Tie the loops one more time to create a double knot that won’t come undone. Step Repeat w/ other shoe Repeat with the other shoe, then hit the road! Mar 08,  · The Bootstrapper Way posted a video to playlist 2 Minute Lifehacks. March 8, at AM · So Many men are frustrated by having to tie their shoes multiple times a day.

By: Tony D'Amelio on July 11th, Motivation Leadership. Walton and the other star recruits, plus famous seniors and members of national championship UCLA teams, were anxious to get started.

We're top players! We don't need this! It meant star players would never get a blister which would keep them from playing. John Wooden is arguably the greatest coach of all-time, regardless of sport yet he never talked about winning.

Wooden taught his players to focus on doing their best; which meant practicing the fundamentals well. Like the proper way to lace up shoes. It was a John Wooden success lesson. No matter what we do, the brilliant execution of the fundamentals is essential. Bill Walton credits the leadership lessons he learned from Coach John Wooden for creating the foundation for his success on the court and in life.

A top sports motivational speaker , Bill draws on the wisdom of John Wooden and brings that message to audiences, as he does in this video:. What makes Bill so special is his positive attitude. He is one happy man! This piece from Boston. Bill Walton tells the story of learning Coach Wooden's lesson for lifelong success in this excerpt from his bestselling book, Back from the Dead :.

Now, here I was, and the reality was better than the dream. There was always a cake and lots of smiles and laughter at the beginning.

The transition to real practice the next day was seamless. We were ready to roll all day that first time out. Just before the start, always at p. There, he sat down on a stool and began his lecture to us. We sat there like dutiful sponges ready to soak it all up, knowing that he was about to give us the key to heaven on earth, show us the path, guide us to become the next great team in history.

We were stunned. We looked around and at each other. Are you kidding me? Meticulously, he demonstrated exactly how we were to apply the socks over our toes and pull them up tight to eliminate the possibility of any wrinkles, which could cause blisters. And then how to open our shoes so that they would slide on easily and not disturb the wrinkle-free socks, and how to then properly lace and tie them snuggly and completely.

Over the course of time, he showed us how to tuck in our shirts and tie the proper knot on the drawstring of our game shorts, how to shower and properly dry ourselves, especially our hair which we were always to keep short and neat , how we would practice and prepare for games, and also how we should study for our classes and conduct our lives. We were rolling our eyes and could barely keep from laughing out loud. When he took off his own shoes and socks for the demo, we were appalled. He had these grotesque varicose veins covering his lower legs, feet, and ankles.

He had terrible hammer-toes, and disgusting fungus under most of his nails. Talk about weird? We wanted to play ball, and get running. But it is very safe to say that practice never once started with these words from Coach Wooden: What do you guys want to do today? When we finally were ushered back onto the court, Coach directed the eight new freshmen six of us scholarship players into the stands on the north side of the main court in Pauley.

And then varsity practice started. Such precision, flawless execution, incredible pace, non-stop chatter from everybody, and an ever-faster celebration of a team playing with determination, pride, structure, discipline, organization, passion, and purpose.

A few minutes in, Coach stopped the train its tracks, and everything became eerily and instantly silent. There will be no further explanation of what and why we are doing these things. We thought at the time that a lot of the stuff Coach Wooden was selling— his Pyramid of Success , Seven-Point Creed, Two Sets of Threes, Four Laws of Learning, his maxims, his tools to overcome adversity—were the stupidest things ever.

But we never doubted the honesty, righteousness, dedication, preparation, commitment, and excellence that was behind it all. That's the worst kind of defeat you'll ever suffer, and you'll never get over it. Inevitably, the right rhythm, beat and pace finds its way to the surface, enabling me to go get it done.

Tony has spent his career putting talented people and audiences together, first in the music business and later representing the world's leading speakers. After concluding 27 years as Executive Vice President of the Washington Speakers Bureau, Tony launched D'Amelio Network, a boutique firm that manages the speaking activities of a select group of experts on business, management, politics and current events.

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  1. He is no debunking anything. He is just using videos done by other producers and forgetting to mention the origin.

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