How to use mopar combustion chamber cleaner

how to use mopar combustion chamber cleaner

Throttle Body Cleaning & Carbon Removal

Feb 15,  · Using Mccc on my car. Application, cleaning and a quick to to get to start up:). Sep 05,  · The product used in this was mopar combustion chamber for watching please like comment and subscribe!snapchat: nickmeinertInstagram: @nickmein.

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To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Results 1 to 25 of This is the Moparman from JU method of cleaning out carbon build-up what is the baseball score your engine. I found the JU search useless, but, luckily I made a copy and saved it many moons ago.

This includes waiting time. I recommend doing this at the time of your next oil change only because I advise changing engine oil and filter afterwards. Also, before doing anything, a good idea is to first loosen up the spark plugs and then re-tighten them back ONLY to a snug fit not too tight. This will make life a lot easier when removing the spark plugs in step 2. Cleaning off carbon from combustion chamber and valves: Start the engine and let it idle or take the Jeep out for a drive until it reaches normal operating temperature engine should be hot.

Turn off engine. Remove the air hose from the throttle body. With engine OFF, spray some Mopar CCC onto throttle plate not too much and linkage and clean off carbon using a small tooth brush make sure you clean the bottom of the how to treat red eyes from chlorine plate also. Start the engine make sure it's hot and spray the entire can of Mopar CCC into the throttle body. You may have smoke coming out of the tailpipe during this, and your idle may drop or even try to stall.

When can is empty, shut off the engine immediately. Reconnect the air hose to the throttle body. Proceed to step 2. De-gumming the piston rings: Remove the spark plugs and spray a can of Mopar CCC divided evenly into the cylinders through the open spark plug holes. If you have trouble spraying into one of the plug holes, try using a funnel or small tube to guide the cleaner into the plug hole or else try to aim as best you could. Reinstall plugs then give the engine a couple of quick cranks to mix up the cleaner don't try to start the engine.

Wait minutes then remove the spark plugs. Crank the engine over a couple of times again to eject any excess cleaner out of the open plug holes to help how to make ferrero rocher milkshake possible hydro-lock. Might be a bit messy but important. Reinstall original plugs. Start the engine may need to fire it up what type of government and economy does china have few times and DO NOT let it just sit and idle or else the carbon will just re-cook in your engine.

Rather, rev the engine to RPM's times. Again, don't be surprised if you see a lot of smoke Take the Jeep out and drive the heck out of it for a few minutes. This will do a good job of cleaning out any excess carbon from the engine.

Oh, and of course rids the neighborhood of any bugs or mosquitoes if smoke happens to still flow out your tailpipes Install new spark plugs if you decided to get a new set. Change engine oil and filter since the cleaner may have passed by the piston rings. Clean throttle body, intake manifold, valves, combustion chamber, piston and how to use mopar combustion chamber cleaner rings.

Good call bringing that over here! Figured this would the best forum for it though. Glad I could be of help! You want how to use mopar combustion chamber cleaner to just shoot you a PM from now on? Just post it. All of the moderators are active enough to move it to the nessecary place if you happen to post in the wrong forum. Thanks man I was just thinking about doing this again did it k ago.

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Communist bitch? Originally Posted by JeepinHank. Originally Posted by Moparman. By quick cranks, I think he meant bumps. Nothing more than half a revolution or so. Don't hook up your plug wires and it won't start. Originally Posted by JpRngr. I don't really think its all that much fluid. The stuff vaporizes pretty quickly, and when you divide that can among 6 cylinders, I wouldn't think its much more fluid than the fuel injector puts in there.

With hydrolock - the entire volume of the cylinder that would normally be filled with air is filled with water or at least a majority of it. Even if it fills the cylinder up quite a bit, bumping the starter over a little bit at a time shouldn't hurt it. You shouldn't be spinning it enough to force a problem.

I, too, have hydro-locked an engine and had to rebuild it after bending a rod, so, I'm leary also. But, I don't see this as being a problem, unless YOU make it a problem. Thanks for posting this Hank 8. Originally Posted by Alaska ZJ. I'm gonna give it a try this week thanks for the post. Well I did the CCC on sat. It has definately breathed a little life into the 4. Will do again down the road.

Thanks again. I bought myself some yesterday. I probably do it every six to eight months. Found a better way to do it. Put a piece of rubber hose on the vacuum port on the intake manifold that is plugged off its towards the front, on the top of the manifold. Stick the hose in the can about halfway. The engine will suck it is on its own, but have a buddy keep the throttle up.

When half the can is gone remove the vacuum line going to the master cylinder and stick the hose on that port. Put the other half of the can into that side. Doing this allows more carbon build up to be cleaned, as it is going in from each side rather than directly in the middle.

We remove plugs and fill all of the cylinders up than spray how to dry real flowers else into the t-body. Let sit over night than crank the engine in morning with no plugs in it. Re install new plugs than look out for the smoke, let idle for 30 or so min. A fantastic product I have tried most brands and that is my favorite by far!

I know this threads old, but just use hot water. It does just as good of a job, and its free. Just get a spray bottle how to use e-commerce in business mist it in the intake. Oldest trick in the book! Also BG44k or the other BG product. Originally Posted by rightaway.

RIP '96 ZJ. Originally Posted by Derek Bringing this back from the dead, because i'm about to do this on the 5. First wheeling trip in 5 days. Wheelin' season is here! It really works. Its more common than you think. All times are GMT The time now is AM.

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Cleaning & Removing Dirt and Carbon. Mopar has a wonderful product to use for removing carbon deposits – Mopar Combustion Chamber Cleaner P/N AE (see Figure 3). With the air intake runner removed and the engine running, spray the cleaner directly into the throttle body bore. The cleaner will be distributed to each cylinder. Feb 03,  · 1) Stage I is to clean up the intake and valves by spraying the MCCC into the intake via the PCV hose. First step is to drive the car around and get it up to operating temperature. 2) Stop the car in a well ventalated area (beleive me this is very important I found that out for myself). 3) Take the top rubber part of the turkey baster off. Apr 11,  · The Mopar Combustion Chamber Cleaner is great stuff. I have used it on many many different vehicles, you'll be fine. get her warmed up. Spray it in while keeping it running (find the throttle under the hood and feather it as spraying). Spray the whole can in as fast as you can. Shut it off immediately and let sit for minutes.

Forum Rules. Timeslips Advanced Search. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Here goes the story. Today my local dealership called to let me know my front chin spoiler arrived the Charger version and I can pick it up. So, I arrive at the dealer and check out the spoiler. I noticed a bunch of spray cans near-by labeled "Combustion Chamber Cleaner".

I asked the parts guy about it and he said the technicians swear by it and it works well. Since I have a 3. I paid for both items and headed home. First thing I did was read the simple instructions, which ended with: - Shut off vehicle for 5 minutes - Start up vehicle and allow to run for 5 minutes.

After I completed those steps I shut off the car and then re-started for 30 minutes. Rev'ed it up to RPMs. I immediately received the engine trouble light and white smoke began to come out of my exhaust. I let the car run for another 10 minutes, then I checked the error codes and noticed it was something about the oxygen sensors.

Hmm, that is logical I did introduce something foreign into the fuel system. So I shut down the car, then re-started it for another 30 minutes and no errors. Also, no more white smoke. I decided to take the vehicle out on the highway and test the response. The 3. Maybe it is all psychological, but the car seemed to breathe better and the engine sounded great.

Here are some details: My Magnum is a 3. It is approximately 1 year old with no major tune-ups on the engine. For months I ran 91 octane, but it wasn't accelerating or throttling smoothly even with the Jet II chip.

So I went back to 89 octane and actually received better results. However, after using this cleaner, the vehicle is running better. I am going to have to pick some up then.

So damn custom, I don't even need a sig! So, how do you get the spray into your engine? Do you spray it into the intake with the filter off or something? Start the vehicle engine and allow the engine to reach normal operating temperature.

Remove the air tube from the engine throttle body. Stop the engine once the entire can of cleaner has been ingested. Install the air tube to the throttle body. With the hood closed and the vehicle parked inside the garage, allow the vehicle engine to heat soak for two to three hours. This will ensure that the engine will maintain its temperature and will allow proper solvent penetration. After engine soak, start the engine and drive the vehicle until the engine is has reached normal engine operating temperatures.

If the vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission, place the transmission into first gear. In a safe vehicle operating location that will allow the vehicle to be driven safely and at the posted speed limit, accelerate the vehicle until the engine reaches RPM. Hold the engine speed at this RPM for 15 seconds. Slow down and in a safe location pull to the side of the road.

Allow the engine to idle for five seconds. Repeat steps 9 through 11 five more times. Izzy pics UOHI saves lives. Thanks Fnky. You are always there with good advice. Yep, as the Chicken stated. The directions are on the can, although not as detailed as the chicken's.

However, as he stated I had to spray it in bursts Do not spray it into the intake all at once As for the intake, yes I had to take off the air tube that connects to the filter and throttle bodies. Spray it right into the throttle the round silver disk. We use this product in our shopfor fuel system cleaning. Works great but like the chicken said, be careful with hydroloc.

Custom made grilles for your SRT Magnum also. What no rice! Originally Posted by DriveATransam. I'm glad to know that now I can fix the car on my own! See my related post about my problem, that I presume was fixed with this same stuff!!

Originally Posted by phattpat. Originally Posted by fnkychkn. Last Jump to page:. Performance Danko Reproductions, Inc. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Copyright LxForums.

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