How to select db in mysql

how to select db in mysql

MySQL SELECT Statement with Examples

MySQL – Select DATABASE. MySQL Server can contain multiple databases and can serve multiple clients simultaneously. So, when a client connects to or opens a mysql command prompt, a database (from existing multiple databases) should be selected to run the SQL queries or operations. It is very simple to select a database from the mysql> prompt. You can use the SQL command use to select a database.

Learn how to manage content in MySQL, an open-source database management system. Replace username hoe your username or the word root. In MySQL, a schema serves the same function as database. In other database applications, though, a schema what is a chartered bank be only a part of a database.

You can display a partial list of the databases. This is helpful if you have a long list, or are looking for a specific database name. Enter the following:. If you use a remote server, the hosting company may offer how to select db in mysql for viewing myswl databases. In that case, your account management control panel gives you the option to ij the GUI tool. In phpMyAdmin, the tools are graphical and labeled. The column on the left shows the list of databases.

Clicking on Databases will display the tables in the right-hand pane. A list of commands appears next to each table, replacing terminal commands. In reading this tutorial, you now know how to list all databases using MySQL and the command line.

With a good foundation, you are now ready to build on and expand your knowledge of database management systems. DatabasesMySQL. This simple tutorial analyses the commands used to list all user accounts in MySQL. Learn about additional…. Read More. It is essential to know which version of MySQL you have installed. The version number helps to determine if a…. In cloud computing, master-slave data replication refers to storing the same information on multiple servers. To access and add content to a MySQL database, you must first establish a connection between the database and….

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Log into your MySQL client. If necessary, connect to a remote server using an SSL connection. Open a terminal window and enter the following command: mysql —u username —p Replace username with your username or the word root.

Filter Database List. Next you should also read.


If you connect to a MySQL Server via the MySQL Workbench application, you can select a database when you create the database connection as shown in the screenshot below: Once you logged in, you can select another database by issuing the USE statement or use the Set As Default Schema feature provided by MySQL Workbench. Alternatively, you can select the database on the command line when you invoke mysql. Just specify its name after any connection parameters that you might need to provide. Select a DATABASE in MySQL – USE DATABASE; USE db2; selects database db2 for any subsequent queries on a database. Change or switch DATABASE in MySQL To change or switch DATABASE, run the same USE database_name query with the new database name that you wish to work on. In the example shown above, USE db3; changes the database, from db2 to db3.

Databases store data for later retrieval. The purpose of MySQL Select is to return from the database tables, one or more rows that match a given criteria. Select query can be used in scripting language like PHP, Ruby, or you can execute it via the command prompt.

If nothing is specified then ALL is assumed as the default. WHERE condition is optional, it can be used to specify criteria in the result set returned from the query. The semi-colon is a statement terminate. It's not mandatory but is considered a good practice to end your statements like that. Practical examples Click to download the myflix DB used for practical examples. You can learn to import the. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The following script would help us to achieve this.

Robert Phil Male 3rd Street 34 This email address is being protected from spambots. Let's say we want to get a list of movie from our database. We want to have the movie title and the name of the movie director in one field. The name of the movie director should be in brackets. We also want to get the year that the movie was released. The following script helps us do that. String portions are separated using commas in the Concat function. Executing the above script in MySQL workbench produces the following result set.

Suppose we want to use a more descriptive field name in our result set. We would use the column alias name to achieve that. The script shown below helps us to do that. Note the AS keyword is optional , you can leave it out and the query will still work.

Executing the above query in MySQL workbench against the myflixdb gives us the results shown below. Right Click on the Categories Table. Click on "Select Rows - Limit " 2. MySQL workbench generated it for us.

It's intended to help generate SQL statements faster to increase the user productivity. To improve productivity you can generate the code using MySQL workbench then customize it to meet your requirements. This can only happen if you understand how the SQL statements work! They will be discussed later.

What is While Loop? In SQL Null is both a value as well as a keyword. Home Testing. Must Learn! Big Data.

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