How to read gps coordinates

how to read gps coordinates

GPS Coordinates

Conversion from degrees, minutes, seconds to decimal degrees. degrees 8 minutes seconds West. = + 8/60 + / = Make this negative if it is either west longitude or south latitude. Get the coordinates of a place On your computer, open Google Maps. Right-click the place or area on the map. Select the latitude and longitude, this will automatically copy the coordinates.

Whether your Coordintes navigator just broke down and need to use a map to coordinates to a certain point, want to use these coordinates to know where they belong to or are simply curious to know how the GPS system works, coirdinates OneHowTo we want to coordinayes you everything you need to know so you learn how to read GPS coordinates. Usually, GPS systems use the intersection between latitude and longitude to determine the location of reead certain point, taking into account that the prime meridians are Greenwich for Longitude and the Equator for Latitude.

The distance from these points can be translated into degrees, minutes and second, but GPS systems convert these numbers into decimal degrees in order to locate an exact spot on the planet.

Though it may be useful for these devices, they are a bit more difficult to decipher for us. If you want to know how to read GPS coordinates manually, converting decimal degrees into degrees, minutes and seconds, follow the instructions below:. If the longitude is positive, this refers to North. South is indicated with a minus symbol -whilst when looking at latitude, West is also marked with a minus symbol. To find minutes you should multiply what is a controlled group decimals given by 60, which will give 9.

To find the seconds you should multiply rfad decimals left in the last operation by 60 once again. So, the final result will be coorrinates, 9 minutes and 2. Do the same with the latitude, taking into account that if it is a negative number you are looking at a location in the West. To read GPS coordinates on Google mapsthere are several numeric options that Google maps already offers. You can find places in degrees, minutes and seconds, in degrees and decimal minutes or in decimal degrees which is the option we have shown you how to convert above.

With this useful tool you'll be able to locate any place on Earth as long as you have the right coordinates. Say we have the coordinates in DD decimal degrees, as shown how to download a book for freefor example: Share coprdinates. By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 16, Image: commons. Write a comment. Great info. Was in the Navy and always wondered how the hell we found Nam and all those great places.

Latitude and longitude

Go to gps coordinates converter, type in the lat and long coordinates and click on the Get Address button to find address from my latitude and longitude coordinates. Convert any address using the sexagesimal GPS coordinates by clicking on the Get Address button on the coordinates converter page. What are my coordinates or my GPS coordinates?

Before we dive into the reading of GPS coordinates , it is important that you have a good grasp of the GPS system and basic knowledge of the geographical lines of latitude and longitude. Once you understand that, reading coordinates is very easy, and you can practice with online tools. This is made possible by the network of 24 man-made satellites, called GPS satellites, which orbit above the Earth at great speeds and precision.

Originally a system used only by the military, the GPS system became available for use by citizens almost 30 years ago. It is maintained by the U. Department of Defense. Reading and understanding GPS coordinates requires a basic understanding of navigation using the lines of latitude and longitude.

Using both sets of lines provides a coordinate for the different places around the world. Lines of latitude are horizontal lines that stretch from east to west across the globe. The longest and main line of latitude is called the Equator. You can view more information on lines of latitude and longitude by watching this YouTube video using the link below:.

It is given as geographical coordinates. When outlining the coordinates of a location, the line of latitude is always given first followed by the line of longitude. An example of this format is:. The line of latitude is read as 41 degrees 41 , The coordinate for the line of latitude represents north of the Equator because it is positive.

If the number is negative, it represents south of the Equator. The line of longitude is read as 2 degrees 2 , The coordinate for the line of longitude represents east of the Prime Meridian because it is positive. If the number is negative, it represents west of the Prime Meridian.

The line of latitude is read as The line of longitude is read as 2. The image above shows the location of the Statue of Liberty on Google Maps. The coordinates given for its location are:. Just to recap, the Decimal Degree DD coordinates does not have the letters N or S to signify whether the latitude coordinate is above or below the Equator. Neither does it have the letters W nor E to signify whether the longitude coordinate is to the west or east of the Prime Meridian.

This is done through the use of positive and negative numbers. Since the latitude coordinate is positive, the coordinate is above the Equator. Since the longitude coordinate is negative, the coordinate is west of the Prime Meridian. There will be a search bar at the top-left corner of the page. Enter the coordinates into the search bar then press the Enter key or the Search icon. The coordinates can be in any of the three formats. Please note that the coordinates must be entered correctly.

For mathematicians willing to perform the raw calculations, you can learn how to convert from DMS to DD and vice versa. These devices communicate directly with the GPS satellites using low-powered radio waves. GPS-enabled devices include:. They come in various sizes and may resemble a smartphone or tablet. These devices have special built-in software that utilizes the GPS system to assist persons in finding the shortest route to a particular location, locating places of interests, and much more.

They are commonly used in vehicles, hiking, and particular sports. You can find more information on the devices by following the link below:. Most smartphones, especially high-end phones, are GPS-enabled and can be used as a navigational device if you have the right apps installed.

Filed in General. Read more about GPS. The image shows the lines of latitude and longitude. The image highlights a location in South America.

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