How to play softball for dummies

how to play softball for dummies

Sports Basics: Softball and Baseball Rules and Regulations

Feb 18,  · Learn the basic softball skills and general rules of the game with expert softball tips in this free sports instruction video Juan Carlos Landav Author: ExpertVillage Leaf Group. Give each softball player time at pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, shortstop, third base and all the outfield positions. Fair/foul territory. Explain the field dimensions from home plate all the way down the first and third base lines and that each fielder must be within the field at the start of a pitch, but can chase a ball that goes into foul territory.

There's no doubt that baseball and softball are complex games that are tough for a person to learn if they haven't followed it for their entire lives. There are many, many more rules than the ones below, and exceptions to a majority of them. Here's a simple rundown so osftball a novice can understand the game without what time does bolt run too bogged down in the details.

There are nine players on each side. The goal is to score how to start writing a script runs than the opponent, which is achieved by one circuit of four bases that are placed on the diamond.

The defense wears leather baseball or softball gloves that fits on the hand. It's used to catch the ball. A baseball is a white ball roughly three inches in diameter with red stitching. A softball is about twice as big as a baseball and is sometimes yellow. Contrary to the name, a vummies isn't softer than a baseball. The offense uses a batwhich is made of wood in the professional ranks, and made of aluminum or a metal composite at amateur levels.

Almost all softball bats are aluminum or metal. The bases how to play softball for dummies 90 feet apart on the diamond, closer in children's leagues and softball. Field areas may differ how to connect my xbox360 to my laptop a few ways including in the outfield fences or the amount of foul territory, which borders the field between the long white lines that connect first base to home plate and third base to what is braising meat mean plate.

There's a pitcher in what are canopic jars made out of middle of the infield who initiates the action by throwing the ball toward home plate.

The catcher catches the ball if it's not hit. The infielders are the first baseman, second baseman, shortstop between second and third base and the third baseman. There are three outfielders: The left fielder, center fielder, and right fielder. There are nine innings in professional baseball games sometimes fewer in lower levelsand each inning is divided in ssoftball.

In the top of an inning, the visiting team hits and the home team plays defense. In the bottom of the inning, the home team hits and the visiting team plays defense. Each team gets three outs in each half of an inning. Each team has nine players in its batting order, and they must stick to that order throughout the game players may substitute in for other players.

A play begins with a batter waiting to hit a pitch from the pitcher. If the batter hits the ball into the field of play, the batter runs to first base and can run to as many bases as he or she deems fit without getting out. A batter gets three strikes a swing and a miss or a ball over the plate in what's deemed the strike zone by an umpire or he or she is out.

If there are four balls a pitch that is not in the strike zonethe batter is automatically allowed to go to first base. When a batter begins running, he or she is then referred to as a runner.

Runners attempt to reach a base, where they hpw safe and can remain on the base until the next hitter comes up. The defensive players attempt to prevent this by putting the runners out using the sofyball runners put out must leave the field. Runs are scored when a player completes uow circuit of the diamond before there are three outs in the inning. If a player hits the ball over the outfield fence in fair territory between the foul linesit's a home run, and the batter can circle all four bases.

There are many ways that the team on defense can get an offensive player out. Four common ways are:. Games typically last only seven innings.

Slow-pitch softball, when the pitch is underhand and lobbed, is generally played on a recreational basis. Table of Contents Expand.

The game. The equipment. The field. Defense: The positions. On offense. On defense. How does softball differ? By Scott Kendrick. Updated March 26, Baseball's Sabermetrics: Acronyms and Definitions.

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Softball players are required to make short speedy burst of energy so need the conditioning of sprinter rather than a marathon runner. Focus on building speed by doing ‘intervals’. A good example would be running hard for 45 seconds, followed by 45 seconds of Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Basic Softball Rules. Object. Softball is played by two teams of 9 players each who try to score more runs than their opponent by rounding the bases and crossing home plate as many times as possible. The batting team stays up to bat until the fielding team puts out 3 batters. Playing Area. Mar 26,  · A baseball/softball game is played by two teams who alternate between offense and defense. There are nine players on each side. The goal is to score more runs than the opponent, which is achieved by one circuit of four bases that are placed on the loveallfind.comted Reading Time: 4 mins.

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Learn more Softball is a fun game in which people of all ages can participate. Although not everyone can have a top-notch coach to help teach them the basics, learning how to play softball on your own is easy and enjoyable! Wrap your hands around the rubber grip on the bat, with your throwing hand just above your non-throwing hand so that your hands are touching and your knuckles are lined up. Hold the bat slightly angled above your back shoulder, and when you swing, push off using your back leg for power.

Keep the bat horizontal and follow through your swing all the way. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue.

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Softball and baseball are variations of the same game. The primary difference is that a softball is pitched underhand, while a baseball is pitched overhand. As the name implies, there is also a difference in the balls used. Softballs are less dense and slightly softer than baseballs. Softballs are typically white but may be colored neon green or yellow in the interests of visibility especially at night.

Softball fields are typically smaller than baseball fields because batted softballs don't travel as far as baseballs. Softball games last for seven innings instead of the nine innings typical of higher-level baseball games. Understand the difference between slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball. There are two types of softball competition, with slight differences between them. Both follow the same general rules.

Slow-pitch is typically coed, and, as the name suggests, the ball is pitched by lobbing it in a high, slow arc toward home plate. Know the rules. Most softball games consist of seven innings, each with two halves. The first or "top" half is when the visiting team bats.

The second or "bottom" half is when the home team bats. Each half-inning is played until the fielding team manages to put out three batters or baserunners. The pitcher throws four "balls," which are pitches that fail to pass through the strike zone and which are not swung at by the batter. In this case, too, the batter is awarded first base. This applies only to fast-pitch softball.

There is no such thing as a hit batter in slow-pitch. The batter reaches base safely by virtue of a hit, a fielder's choice, or a fielding error or rarer occurrences such as catcher's or runner's interference. To get a batter out, a pitcher can record three strikes against the batter, or a fielder can catch a batted fly-ball in either fair or foul territory before it hits the ground.

To get a runner out, an infielder can tag the runner with the ball or the gloved ball while the runner is between bases. In this case the fielder does not have to tag the runner. A force out commonly occurs when a batter hits the ball to an infielder, who throws it or runs it to first base before the batter can run there.

At the end of seven innings, the team with more runs wins the game. If the score is tied, the choice can be made to let the game end in a tie or play one or more extra innings until one team is ahead at the end of an inning.

Know the positions. When a team is fielding playing defense , each player is assigned a specific position on the field. There are two general areas of the field, the infield and the outfield. The infield is the dirt section of the field. The infielders consist of the pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, and third baseman.

The outfield is the grassy section farther from home plate consisting of left, center, and right field with an outfielder stationed in each. Some leagues particularly in slow-pitch allow a fourth outfielder such that the positions are left, left-center, right-center and right field. Although the catcher and pitcher are infielders, they are specialized positions that involve added practice time, often separate from the rest of the team.

Part 2 of Find the right glove. When you're playing defense, you'll wear a leather glove on your non-throwing hand to help you catch thrown or batted balls.

There are several methods of doing this, including baking the glove in an oven with special oil applied, leaving it in the sun, or playing a lot of catch with it. Playing the catcher position in fast-pitch requires a special glove. The gloves of catchers and first basemen are called mitts. They are made of heavier construction than the typical softball glove. Choose a bat. Softball bats are not all the same. When you look for a bat, look at three primary factors: the length, the weight, and the style.

To find a bat that is the right length, stand up straight and hold a bat by its knob at the end. If you can hold your arm straight down, and the bat touches the ground, it is the right length for you. If you have to bend your elbow, it is too long. If the bat doesn't touch the ground, it's too short. To find a bat that is the right weight, look at the drop.

The drop is the numerical difference between the bat's height in inches and its weight in ounces. The drop will range anywhere from -8 to Lighter bats near , are good for weak or slow batters. Heavier bats near -8 , are best for strong batters. You can also test the suitability of the bat's weight by placing it in your throwing hand and holding it straight out in front of you. If you can easily hold it at arm's length for a full minute or more, it is not too heavy for you.

There are two main types of softball bats available, aluminum and composite. Each type is appropriate for both beginners and experienced players, but aluminum bats are more popular. These are also available in single- or double-walled construction. Single-walled are cheaper but slightly less effective than double-walled bats.

Composite bats will hit the ball farther, but they can crack easily in cold weather. Purchase a batting helmet. Get a pair of cleated shoes. Cleats are used in several sports and give you better traction while running after a ball or between bases. For softball, rubber or plastic cleats are appropriate. Metal cleats are typically banned in softball leagues, as they pose a danger to sliding runners and infielders who try to tag them.

Look for additional, optional gear. These include batting gloves, which cushion the hands, protect against blisters, and improve bat grip. If you are a fast-pitch catcher, you will want to use a mask, chest protector and shin guards. Some players who frequently slide into bases choose to wear sliding pads.

Part 3 of Ready your stance. Here are a few batting-stance tips to keep in mind every time you go up to hit: Keep your feet at shoulder width from each other. Place them equi-distant from home plate unless you're trying to hit down one foul line or the other.

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