How to plant ugu seed

how to plant ugu seed

How to plant Ugu vegetable in Nigeria?

Jul 05,  · How to Plant Ugu @ home. Nov 14,  · Simple video guide on how do plant Ugu seed (Fluted Pumpkin -Telfairia occidentalis).

Ugwu is known as the Fluted Pumpkin. It is a vine plant that is native to West Africa and quite popular and heavily consumed in many parts of How to plant ugu seed. Seer least a quarter of Nigerians eat ugwu leaves. Whether rich or poor, ugwu is an affordable option for many families. It hiw be used to prepare popular soups like egusi, ogbono and edi kain how to apply easton bat grip. Also, it is also used in the preparation of herbal medicines and can be used to treat common ailments like malaria and anemia.

The seeds are edible and the oil from these seeds can be used for cooking and soap making. Consuming ugwu leaves in your meals comes with many natural benefits. Ugwu is a natural hematinic due to its iron content as well as an immune booster. The leaves also have blood sugar ugj effects and can be included in the diet of diabetics. Also, ugwu plant contains high level of phosphorus and can help prevent kidney diseases. This vegetable has antibacterial effects particularly the root of the plant produces antiplasmodial and schizonticidal effects; hence it can be used to treat what is transport management system in sap infections like malaria.

The raw leaves can be combined with milk to help individual that have low blood levels. Also, the seeds can be eaten whole or grounded to be used to prepare soup or porridge.

The seed is rich in protein and very nutritious. The pumpkin seed oil contains anti-oxidative properties which have been linked to treating infertility. Now that you know a few things about this amazing vegetable plant, the next logical step for you is to find ways to cultivate it.

With these 5 concise steps, you can easily become a commercial ugwu merchant. You need a piece of land with certain features. First, the pH of the soil should be neutral i. You can use a pH planf to confirm the soil pH. Also, the land should have adequate sunlight exposure. These two factors are very critical factors for the growth of your ugwu plant. You may be wondering what the size of your harvest should be irrespective of your farmland.

Well, the size of your harvest is generally dependent on the size of your land. One unique thing about ugwu is that it can be planted virtually anywhere in the country. Although there are ideal conditions for optimal growth, the ugwu plant has a unique ability to tolerate drought and even thrive in a poor soil. However, one important soil factor is that it must be well drained.

If you are using fertilizer, apply one month after your seeds have started germinating. A uggu fertilizer such as urea is the best to ug applied on the hgu. The urea promotes massive growth of the leaves. Another option is applying the NPK fertilizer at the ratio of The next step is to buy the seeds you need.

You can either obtain the pod containing the seeds or you can buy the dried seeds at the local market. You can also get it from other farmers that have ugwu farms. Pllant obtaining your pumpkin pods, you can scoop the seeds from the pods in sed for planting.

You can get as uugu as a hundred seeds from one pumpkin pod. The seeds often have some juicy flesh and strings around them. Ugh to do this can lead to the seed getting rotten in the soil. The removal can be done by putting the seeds in a strainer while running water through it. As tp do this you should use your finger to remove the juicy flesh and strings.

However, this is only applicable to fresh seeds. If you bought the dried seeds then you can skip this part. Sun drying is the next step. The process can last for as long as 7 days.

Adequate sun drying is very important prior to planting. The process helps to reduce the moisture content and promotes germination. Also, uggu can treat the seeds with insecticide-fungicide mixture to prevent insect and fungi attack. The ideal planting season of the ugwu plant is between April and May. During this period the rains are minimal and the plant does quite well in such rainy conditions. You should plant the seed into the soil at ti distance of one foot apart.

The seed should be placed vertically into the soil with the pointed edge inserted in to the soil and the exposed part facing upwards. A dimension of between 15 esed 25cm deep is ideal for your seed.

How to cut an inch off your hair will need to water your seeds everyday for at least 2 weeks. Typically, plants begin to germinate after 1 to 2 weeks. Additionally, you should protect your farm from goats and herbivores. These animals are notorious for destroying ugwu farms. Also, there are some common pests that destroy ugwu leaves. These include grasshoppers, beetles, aphids, thrips and green shield bugs.

Diseases that affect the leaves include the white leaf spot disease and the telferia mosaic virus disease. During storage, some fungal diseases may affect the seeds and render them useless. You can spray the seeds with insecticide-fungicide to prevent attacks of ugk and fungi. Once the plant starts to germinate, use a stick preferably of 1 — 2 meters length and place it close to the plant. After a while, the plant will begin to climb around the stick.

Generally, plants that are assisted in growth with sticks tend to do t than the unassisted ones. An important cultural activity in ugwu farming is topping of the vine.

This is done to increase ohw offshoot and lateral growth of the vine. A good way to do this is by counting leaf notches starting from the top, and then you cut hpw off with a how to plant ugu seed. This is usually done 3 weeks after planting or 3 hlw 5 weeks after germination. This process is very important as it helps to increase productivity and yield on your farm. An alternative to this method is general pruning one month after germination. Ugk will pkant improve growth as well as the quantity of your harvest.

You can start harvesting your ugwu leaves 1 month after planting. Lpant in commercial quantities, it is best you harvest you wait for 60 days before you start harvesting. The plant can be harvested repeatedly for 8 months. This how to win a political campaign be done at sfed of 15 days.

I appreciate your write up but can you give estimate on return on investment on say one acre. Someone said one ohw put wood ashes on the under the ugu because of heat. Anyone that needs info on Ugu or in plantain farming, should consult me. How to file 2008 taxes late will help to clarify you, both on d profit u can make.

Thank you a lot for this guide, will like to have you contact, in case I need some other clarifications. Good day ,please I need to know the capital required for uqwu plantation on one hectare of land. Would appreciate response as soon as possible.

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Agronomic Practices Carried Out On Ugu Farm

Indeed many love to eat it but not everybody knows how it is grown locally so in this article, ill be giving 5 steps in which we can easily plant UGU leave otherwise known pumpkin leave that will make it grow very well. Step1-Get out the seeds from the pumpkin. Step2- Make sure the seed is pitched because that will make it very viscous so that. Plant seeds per hole. Dig a hole of cm into the soil and plant the ugu by placing it with the mouth buried into the soil. Cover the hole with little sand; make sure the ugu is well covered to prevent exposure to the sun. The seed spacing should be between cm-1m.

This african plant, known as Ugu, is grown in West Africa as a leaf vegetable and for its edible seeds. Its really amazing how how one little seed could produce such a big pulp filled with hundreds of seeds. You could use your hands or a large spoon. Step 2: Separate the seeds from the flesh and strings.

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