How to order jollibee online

how to order jollibee online

How to Order in Jollibee Delivery Online

You can also order on our Jollibee Delivery Website by clicking the button! Go to Jollibee Delivery. or Call our hotline at # 8. 7. 0. 0. 0. Products See Allergen Declaration View Products. Mar 18,  · 1. First, go to, the official website of Jollibee online delivery. 2. Scroll down a little bit and select what you want to order, meals are divided into categories (chicken, burger, rice, noodles, etc.).

Jollibee is the largest fast-food chain brand in the Philippines with over 1, stores nationwide. The Jollibee phenomenon has been persistent over the years as it expands to over branches worldwide. With the current pandemic, people resort to food deliveries in order to be safe from the deadly Coronavirus COVID Dine-in setups on most of the fast-food chains are, if not limited, prohibited for some time. The turn to food deliveries by following safety protocols became the turning point of these huge fast-food chain brands.

Jollibee, in particular, focused their food delivery through two primary modes which are; the Jollibee Delivery Hotline and Jollibee Online Delivery. Jollibee delivery hotline is the primary mode of delivery even before the current pandemic. With its implementation inGlobe subscribers can now dial through their mobile phones for free!

The same process upon calling the Jollibee Delivery Hotline would follow even during this pandemic. Once the call is accommodated, the location must be initially verified in order to proceed with the transaction. Then, other details will be asked such as the exact address, order, name of customer, contact number, and the payment options for the food that is yet to be delivered.

On the other hand, Jollibee brings back its Jollibee Delivery website as well as an application which was launched last September 26 that make up for the demand for food delivery through online transactions. Customers can easily proceed with their orders with or without signing up by providing their email addresses. They also separated orders for their popular Chicken Joy, Yumburger, spaghetti, burger steak, soups and sides, dessert, and beverages.

Once the order is finalized, the necessary information must also be filled in along with the chosen payment option in order to finally proceed with the transaction. Remember Me. Login Register. Submit an Article.

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Order Ahead and Skip the Line at Jollibee. Place Orders Online or on your Mobile Phone. If you wish to change your order prior to delivery, please call (through the contact number provided in the Order Confirmation) or message (through the “Message to Store” feature of the site) the Jollibee store within the timeframe stated above, and provide the details of your order included in the Order . Jan 14,  · We will now discuss how to order your favorite Jollibee meals through the Jollibee Delivery Hotline and Jollibee Online Delivery. Jollibee Delivery Hotline The line “# Jollibee Delivery” from the Jollibee advertisement must be an iconic line that can pop out of .

Please note that you are currently using the Beta version of the Jollibee website. By placing an order for Products through this Site, you understand, agree with, and accept: i these Terms and Conditions and any corresponding changes thereto which we may implement from time to time; and ii our Privacy Policy in connection with how we process your personal information collected from this Site. Delivery Area. Each Jollibee delivery store has a dedicated delivery area which cannot be changed.

Thus, any forced request for re-routing of order to another store is strictly prohibited. Account Creation. If you decide to place an order through this Site, you will be asked to register by creating an account which requires your personal information such as name, complete delivery address, telephone or mobile number, email address and a password.

Creating an account allows you to automatically fill-up all the necessary delivery details in your next order. You must keep this password confidential and must not disclose it to anyone.

If you believe someone else knows your password, please change your password immediately. We reserve the right to suspend your registration if you violate any of these Terms and Conditions. When you choose to create an account by linking it with an external third party service or application, such as Facebook, this feature will not modify nor allow the access of the content of your Facebook account.

However, if you use your Facebook account to create an account in this Site, the following shall apply: Your Facebook account name shall be your Account name in the website; The e-mail address of your Facebook account shall be used as the e-mail address for your Account.

If you wish to Order as Guest, the site will require your name, telephone or mobile number and complete delivery address on every use of the ordering platform. The information you provide will only be used for purpose of the pertinent delivery and for any subsequent issues on payment.

If you are Ordering as a Guest, you need not input nor confirm any password on the pertinent page of the Site. If another person used your account to order Products on your behalf, with or without your knowledge, such order shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions, and you agree that the order shall be considered your own and will be charged to you. Submission of Order. Upon submission of your online order, you are authorizing us to process your online order and preparation of the Products you have specified on your order form.

However, we reserve the right to refuse the processing of your order without any notification should we find any incorrect or incomplete details, or any previous spurious transactions with the given personal information. Also, non-response to SMS and calls from either store, or delivery rider may result to late or non-delivery of the Products and should not be taken against us. Additional verification call or confirmation call may be required to proceed with your order.

Regular Order. By submitting your order through this Site, you understand and agree that the processing of your order is subject to the following conditions: The minimum food purchase for a delivery transaction is P There is a forty-five 45 minute delivery guarantee for single receipt transactions amounting to P1, However, this delivery guarantee does not apply if there are more than 20 orders per transaction of the same product combinations. If we are unable to meet the 45 minute guarantee, we will give you a P Jollibee Gift Certificate.

You understand and accept, however, that any delay due to heavy traffic, inclement weather, unavoidable technical difficulties in the stores, or similar or conditions or circumstances, are beyond our control and should not at any time be taken against us. For Orders amounting to P1, Due to the volume of the Products ordered, we do not guarantee that orders will be delivered within the minute delivery period and the store will coordinate with you on the delivery serving time.

Orders above P3, Instead,the Site will prompt you to call our Hotline to place your order. Excessive requests of items such as ketchup, gravy, utensils and the like are subject to store discretion. Any other special request outside the list of the Jollibee product menu is strictly prohibited. Additional special request such as medicine, newspaper, cigarettes, grocery items and the likes will not be entertained. Advance Order. If you wish to order in advance through this delivery website, you may place your order at least two 2 hours before your expected delivery time.

Order Acceptance and Confirmation. The acceptance of orders for the Products made through the Site shall be at the entire discretion of Jollibee. We reserve the right to decline to accept the order or deliver the Products without giving any reason.

The Order Confirmation is a record of our agreement to deliver the Products you ordered and your obligation to pay the price of the Products in full. The Order Confirmation will contain the following information: Your pertinent order number; The date and time of your order; The total amount payable; The address to which your order will be delivered; The Jollibee store that has received and will process your order; and The contact number of the Jollibee store that has received your order.

Changes of Order. Changes in your order that are confirmed by the pertinent Jollibee store will reset the forty-five 45 minute delivery guarantee time, and will likewise be subject to these Terms and Conditions. You understand that the total amount of your order will be changed should there be any changes in your order, and that you agree to pay the new total amount upon delivery. Thus: If you paid for your order online via credit card, any additional price difference as a result of changing your order must be paid in cash, payable upon delivery.

You understand and agree that in such a case, we will not process the refund on your behalf, and that you are personally responsible for processing the refund with your own issuing bank. If any of the changes to order include promotions which are only available for limited periods, any changes to your order may mean that the promotions are no longer available by the time the changes are made. We reserve the right to refuse any modification in case the order has already been dispatched for delivery prior to receipt of your request.

Cancellation of Orders. Orders may be cancelled within five 5 minutes from the time that the order was placed by calling or messaging the Jollibee store that received your order. Cancellation immediately after the 5th minute from the time that the Order Confirmation was received will no longer be valid. You understand and agree that cancellation beyond the 5th minute will require you to pay the full amount of the order placed by you.

We reserve the right to refuse any cancellation in case the order has already been dispatched for delivery prior to receipt of your request. If payment is made via credit card and the cancellation of order was successful, it will be your responsibility to contact the issuing bank to cancel the payment made. Prices and Payment. Unless otherwise stated in writing, the Product prices quoted on this Site are inclusive of value-added taxes, any other applicable taxes and delivery charge.

The Product prices on this Site are subject to change without prior notice. Cashless payment on-site will involve a redirection to a third-party payment gateway. You acknowledge that Jollibee will not be responsible for any information provided in the payment gateway. Cashless mode of payment upon delivery. Cashless payment upon delivery is only available in select NCR and provincial Delivery stores. If your order is placed using a credit card, such card should be valid on the date of delivery of your order.

We reserve our right to refuse to deliver any order if for whatever reason we believe that payment will be refused at any stage. In case of a refund, any refund for payments made in cash would need to be processed by our Customer Services team by calling Refunds for orders paid online via credit card or upon delivery via credit card must be processed by you through your issuing bank. Delivery Conditions.

You agree to accept delivery of the Products at the agreed time and place of delivery, subject to the specific delivery conditions below: Delivery Time. Product Availability. ID Validation. Promotions Special Offers. From time to time, products may be subject to special offers. Any special offer shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions. In case of inconsistency between the special offer and these Terms and Conditions, the latter shall prevail.

However, we will honor any order received before the withdrawal or changes on the special offers. All special offers are valid only within the promotional period, are subject to change and are not valid in conjunction with other offers, unless otherwise stated.

Limitation of Liability. In any event, our liability for any given transaction shall not exceed the total price charged for the relevant Products. The Products ordered should be consumed within one 1 hour from their actual receipt. Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy in connection with how we process your personal information collected from this Site, and any changes thereto, which we may implement from time to time, may be found in the Privacy Policy.

You agree that with your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, you have read, understood and accepted our Privacy Policy. Updating these Terms and Conditions. We shall inform you of any update or revision by placing the date of the latest version on top of these Terms and Conditions. Contact Us. If you have any questions regarding this Terms and Conditions, please contact us through: Customer Care Hotline: 02 Customer Care E-mail: feedback jollibee.

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