How to make myrrh oil from resin

how to make myrrh oil from resin

DIY Frankincense & Myrrh Essential Oil Recipes

Sep 08, How to Make Myrrh Infused Oil. 1. Place the resin in mason jar. 2. Fill jar with the carrier oil and place the paper towel over the top and secure with the rim. 3. Place the jar on a crock-pot with enough water to cover 1/4 of the jar or a double broiler. 4. Keep the jar on the warmer for a minimum. Jul 23, Directions: Step 1) Place the resin in the quart jar Step 2) Fill the jar with the carrier oil and place the paper towel over the top and secure with the rim Step 3) Place the jar on the warmer Step 4) Keep the jar on the warmer for a minimum of 12 hours Step 5) Place the jar in sunlight (I .

For oral care, I have found nothing as effective as a mouthwash made from a tincture of Myrrh. This can be made easily at home with whole Myrrh oleoresin and pure alcohol or an alcohol-water mix such as Vodka. For more information on using oleoresins for medicine, please visit the post where this recipe was originally published- Resih winter medicine with tree saps. This can be added, as above, to a warm mix of water and salt.

If your distress is persistent, or there are obvious chronic problems that need to be addressed, it is best to make arrangements to see a qualified healthcare practitioner and do what needs to be done. I spread out the powdered resin in a plastic tray. Often I will have to repeat the process of grinding and drying to get a fine powder.

I made the myrrh tincture as you described with the alcohol. There is a sandy residue ground myrrh left over after tincture is strained off. Would you tell me if it retains any therapeutic benefit? Often, the residue leftover from preparing Frankincense and Myrrh tinctures is dried and used as what is the best web browser exfoliant in different skincare products.

Beautiful website. Thank you for the very informative comments. I am glad I found you!! Thank you Stella. Why not just apply myrhh oil to the gums? Thank you. It is more concentrated, so be cautious of any symptoms of irritation.

In my experience the essential oil is not tk by the mucous membranes as readily as the salt water solution. The essential oil of Myrrh can also be diluted in alcohol at up to a ratio of and added to warm salted water in the same way ohw the tincture for a mouthwash. A tincture of Myrrh and Benzoin should work in much the same way as a tincture of Myrrh for oral how to write project abstract. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help. Hi, ersin so much for your information. Are any of the beneficial properties lost when purchasing a ground oleoresin? Is it best for me to grind it myself? Thank you, B. Hi Barri. Though some essential oil escapes when the resin is powdered, it is not significant. My concern with buying powdered resin from supply houses and mhrrh is that you never know exactly what you are getting.

Often material that is old, low quality or the siftings from the bottom of the bag can be powdered to make them sellable. For this reason I prefer to makke resins myself knowing I have a high quality and fresh material. There are instructions on this blog for grinding Frankincense and other resins and I sell powdered resins I grind fresh from high quality material in my shop. Hi, was wondering if Myrrh essential oil can be used to make a tincture, or does it have to be powered Myrrh?

Hi Jimmy. You can definitely dissolve Myrrh essential oil in alcohol and make a tincture of it for a mouthwash. My first choice is a tincture of the whole oleo gum resin in alcohol, but the essential oil is also effective for many oral issues. What a lovely website you have. I came across it while researching how to tincture resins. Do you have any opinion of what the optimum alcohol percentage is for making tincture of myrrh?

Or factors to consider? I suppose the water is able to extract some properties and the alcohol others? Hi, when making the mouthwash using the tincture, how quickly should that be used up before someone should worry about it not being preserved to prevent bacteria growth? Hi Liz. The mouthwash can safely stay at room temperature for a day, kept in the fridge for 6 days and be frozen for 6 months.

If desired, a large batch can be poured into ice cube trays and warmed for use, one cube at a time. Hi Sandy. It still has valuable therapeutic compounds in it. You will have to lay it out in a thin layer to dry and you may have to freeze the dry residue before you can easily grind it oll a powder.

You could try drops times a day and see if it is of help. Frankincense has good anti-inflammatory properties, and inflammation is often linked to pain. Taking it with oily food is recommended to promote absorption by the body.

Symo I had terrible migraines for yearscleaned up my diettried many things. I have found that drinking only distilled water and Taking 1teaspoon of ground dried Mistletoe with 2Tblspns black cherry syrup about 30mins before bed has cleared them away. I ground the how to lower water pressure in home the way Dan describes to grind the Frankincense. Made enough for 3 doses at a time. Kept it in a dark glass jar.

Slowly they have faded away all together. Oh and i sleep much better. Not sure if this is all from the herbsor the mistletoe or what. Thank you for all the information you have on your site. A quick search brought me here to make sure I was doing my tincture correctly.

After three days a small sample seemed to be coming along very well. Thanks again. Stay well. HI Dan, I finally got around to making a tincture from the myrrh resin i bought from you ages agoit smells really wonderful.

Question: can i make use of he left over myrrh resinAnd if so how? Email Address. First form customers in the shop, www. Herbal Apothecary, Wildcrafter, Sculptor, Craftsman. Father, mentor. Astrodynamic plant Preparations, Herbal salves, cremes, tinctures and oils. A sap for resins, ritual, Sun, Moon and Mother Nature.

Recipes, plant Alchemy and our Relationship with Crom. Natural fragrance and medicine. Astrodynamics, rhythms and cycles, Medical Astrology, traditional Wisdom. Herbs and Healing, Science and Spirit. Oh and moustaches. Fairtrade Frankincense explores our ancient and modern relationship with Nature's fragrant, medicinal oleoresins and provides a link joining traditional what baseball player is nicknamed frenchy directly with our western market in fair and mutually beneficial commerce.

Skip to content For oral care, I have found nothing as effective as a mouthwash crom from a rsein of Myrrh. For more information on using oleoresins for medicine, please visit the post where this recipe was originally published- Preparing winter medicine with tree saps Myrrh tree oleo-resin Ethiopia.

The finer you grind the Myrrh, the more readily it will dissolve in the alcohol. I often grind Myrrh 3 times to produce the finest possible powder. Higher proof alcohol is also an option if you have it. A mason jar with a tight-fitting lid. Mix the powdered Myrrh and the alcohol in the mason jar. Make sure to break up any lumps. Screw the lid on tight, moisten your finger slightly with vegetable oil and run it around the thread on the outside of the glass before you screw the lid on tight. Shake the mix thoroughly.

Place the jar in a warm resi out of frm sunlight. The top of a fridge, furnace or water heater all work well. Shake your jar vigorously at least once a day for 6 weeks. Letting it sit longer will not harm the tincture. After your maceration is done, filter your tincture into a clean jar or bottle that has a tight-fitting lid or cork.

You can do this by pouring it through a paper coffee filter in a funnel. Scrape all the ground Myrrh into the filter. Seal the jar or bottle and let your tincture stand undisturbed and sediment for a few days.

Pour or syphon off the clear liquid and bottle it for use. It can keep for a few years in a cool dark place.

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Sep 02, Myrrh Essential Oil. Myrrh is a sap-like substance which comes out from the bark of Commiphora myrrha tree. The oil is the resin of this plant and chemist extracts it after cutting the trunk region. After the resin exudes, it dries up with a brief period and looks like tears on the bark of the tree. Jul 30, Set up a fresh water bath with one jar for oil and a large jar for distilled water. Put the filtered and sedimented extract back in a jar in the water bath. Add distilled water in the second jar in a quantity that makes up 75% to 80% of the total weight of your finished creme. More water means a slightly thinner lotion or creme. Feb 09, The easiest method to remove residual resin from an electric grinder is to fill it 1/3 to 1/2 full of raw rice and run the grinder till the rice is finely powdered. This will remove most of the resin residue clinging to the blades and sides of your grinder. A wipe with a damp cloth should finish the job.

Frankincense and Myrrh are becoming better known and integrated with our Western lives as interest in the healing power of plants grows. Though we often learn of these resins through the popularity of their essential oils , their greatest therapeutic gifts lie in their resin and not their distilled essential oils.

Therapeutic compounds of special note in Frankincense are the Boswellic acids, a group of anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer resin acids found in many types of Frankincense that are lost through the process of distillation. While therapy through aroma, Aromatherapy , is an accepted healing modality, resins offer therapeutic compounds and benefits that cannot be replaced by essential oils.

Since the dawn of civilization we have made medicine, incense, perfume and body-care products with Frankincense, Myrrh and other aromatic resins. Both Frankincense and Myrrh are composed of alcohol-soluble resin, and water soluble-gum in a homogeneous matrix. To access the resin portion for oil or alcohol extraction one must first break down the matrix and expose these compounds to the solvent.

Contrary to popular belief, most types of Frankincense and Myrrh will not dissolve in a single solvent such as oil, alcohol or water. Grinding is critical to preparing a tincture , an oil extract and most other Frankincense or Myrrh products.

They offer one the opportunity to connect with the material and the process on a personal, experiential level which can only contribute to the quality of the products we create.

Mortar and pestle are anchored in the deepest of archetypes, Yin and Yang, male and female, and are associated with creation, fecundity, birth, transformation and transmutation etc. Mortar and pestle should not be replaced by electric grinders without thoughtful consideration and abundant prior experience.

Grinding resins with a Mortar and pestle is, however, messy and usually involves pieces of resin flying out like shrapnel. Carpets are a favourite destination for errant resins. Smooth-surfaced, hard mortars are best for resins.

Avoid wood, porous stone and unglazed clay. When grinding larger quantities of resins, or when time is limited, an electric grinder is useful. Regular electric coffee grinders or herb grinders work well.

Burr mills, for grain or coffee, are NOT suitable. Inserting the resin chunks into a ziplock bag and pounding them judiciously with a hammer will reduce them to a size the grinder can handle. It is always wise to unplug electric grinders before opening and removing powdered material.

Never insert tools or fingers while an electric grinder is plugged in. The safety mechanism of coffee grinders can and will get gummed up with resin and malfunction. Avoid painful and bloody accidents.

Be smart, take your time. Often, especially if the resins are fresh, they will get soft and gummy, stick to the blades and sides of the electric grinder chamber and when removed, form a rock hard lump.

Even if the resins do not stick to the inside of the grinder, powdered fresh resins will usually solidify once removed from the mortar or grinder. What this means, is when we first grind Frankincense and other oleo gum resins, we liberate the moisture and essential oils that have been locked in the material since the day they bled from a tree in the desert. As soon as the powder is removed from the grinder, it needs to be spread out and dried.

In the shop, I often grind and dry the resin 3 times to achieve a fine loose powder that will not clump. This is especially important when the goal is to fill capsules. Freezing fresher resins before grinding will create a larger window of time in the grinder before they solidify. It will also give you a bit more time to spread them out before they harden. Roughly a half-hour per grams of resin in the freezer works well. C lean-up of sticky resin residue, on Mortars, Pestles, hands, tools and surfaces , is accomplished with vegetable oil.

A steel Brillo pad expedites the process. This is a perfect solution for clean-up of most Resins. And leaves hands feeling beautifully moisturized!

This method also works equally well when cleaning the pot after distilling resin essential oils. An alcohol and dish soap mix works well for glassware that has a layer of hard or sticky resin on it.

It is especially useful after preparing or pouring resin tinctures. Add small increments of warm water as it dissolves the resin. This will remove most of the resin residue clinging to the blades and sides of your grinder. A wipe with a damp cloth should finish the job. These are the essential oils that evaporate at the lower temperatures. Then, if there is a prominent percentage of gum in the material as in most representatives of Myrrh and Frankincense, the water-soluble gum will yield itself to the heat.

It may bubble a bit, but will not dissolve into the charcoal, it will char and burn emitting a crude smell of burnt material and form a black lump on the coal. It is found only in Somalia and Somaliland and completely dissolves in alcohol and warm oils. And remember, No matter what you create with these fragrant gifts, always take clear notes.

Your future self will thank you. The above is an edit and reposting of an old and well-read article that turned into a complete rewrite. Testament to how much I have learned the past 6 years, and likely, to how much I have yet to learn.

To experience some of these aromatic treasures and the products I have made with them, feel free to explore my little shop at www. Would stainless steel or porcelain be alright? Hi Mandi. The most important element is that the mortar is made of a smooth and easy to clean material such as stainless steel, glass or porcelain. I find that a deep mortar helps reduce flying pieces but any smooth surfaced mortar will do.

Hi, what I was looking for was this. I make skin care products, and of course this was an amazing article. I have grinded my myrrh and frankincense to a powder.

Hi Anne. I love that articlei learn So much from you Dan. I made the myrrh tincture with the resin i bought from youlove the smell. How do you use the sandy resin that remains after strain off please? Hi Asa. So far the only use I have found for the granular gum portion left over is as an exfoliant in soaps and body scrubs. Hi Dan, what references did u use to write this article? I am interested in learning more.

Roslyn, mostly personal experience. Do you still recommend separating the water solubles before making oil infusions? It is a much simpler and just as effective method. Do you have any drying tips? I just lay the ground resin in a shallow box and turn it regularly till it is dry. At that point I usually grind it again and set it out to dry once more. I purchased some frankincense powder and it arrived in a large clump. Does humidity accelerate the clumping or is it purely the gum?

Hi Valora. Your powder will not absorb moisture from the air and is much more likely to lose moisture and volitile solvents when exposed. You definitely need to get the frankincense to a consistent powder before you add your other powdered materials.

I would grind it coarsely and lay it out in a bowl or a pan with as much surface exposed as possible. Mix it around and break up clumps once or twice a day. Place it in a warmish area with good circulation. On top of a refrigerator can work well. In a pinch a fan will also help disperse humidity.

I sometimes have to grind and dry frankincense 3 times before it ceases to clump. This should solve the problem for you. The oil is a great idea thanks for that, too! I solved my problem in another way, though. Considering this is for internal use, I added a little diatomaceous earth food grade to the frankincense. It wanted to clump so fast that I ground it again with the DE and viola!

Now I can only hope it will stay that way! Thank you Valora. Quite a novel approach!! Email Address. First time customers in the shop, www. Herbal Apothecary, Wildcrafter, Sculptor, Craftsman.

Father, mentor. Astrodynamic plant Preparations, Herbal salves, cremes, tinctures and oils. A sap for resins, ritual, Sun, Moon and Mother Nature.

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