How to make a rfid door lock

how to make a rfid door lock

How to make RFID Door Lock.

Sep 15,  · Hii friends Today I'll Show You How To Make RFID Door Lock System Using Arduino Nano. The arduino based RFIDdoor lock system is secure and responsive as compared to other systems. Withthe use of arduino, it becomes much easy to design. Program a code and uploadit to arduino just like a plug and play device. 1st step: Attachment of servo motor with lock Insert a bolt in the mounting flange and mark on the door lock like a shown in the photo make a hole in the door lock insert a 4 bolt in the lock’s hole.

Hello mwke. And you can see When I makee wrong card or wrong key-chain tag, it will make sound. When I show my college ID it will open the door. For closing the door, we have to again show college ID. Before uploading this code. Download library for RFID master. Upload the sketch.

After uploading the sketch. Open serial monitor. Show the card which you want to use for Door lock. As I frid using my college How to get turtle beaches to work on pc card for door lock. Now we can see identification number. Identification number which we have copied earlier, paste here in main sketch. Rfdi have given 0 degree angle for door lock position.

If card number match with our card number door will open and for door opening 90 degree angle is given. Activate will become 1. You can change these angles according to your door lock opening and closing position. If we again show same card it will close the door. You can see when I show unknown card or key chain it makes sound. When I show right card servo will rotate to 90 degree and when I again show same card servo will rotate back to 0 degree angle.

Serial communication is required when you want to transfer sensor data or any data from one Read more…. Tk connection as shown in diagram.

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DIY Science Project Make RFID Door Lock

Jan 27,  · This RFID lock will In this video I’ll be showing you how to build you own RFID door lock using an Arduino, an RFID sensor and a few other small components. Jul 18,  · Open serial monitor. Show the card which you want to use for Door lock. As I am using my college Id card for door lock. Now we can see identification number. copy this number and come to our sketch of RFID door lock. Dec 05,  · DIY RFID Door Lock: Instructions to build your own do it yourself RFID door lock for your home, garage,, if you have a 3D printer you can also use my case designs or change my designs to make your own. They are not quite perfect as i am pretty new to 3d printi.

Add the following snippet to your HTML:. Read up about this project on. Hi Friends welcome to Akshit Innovation Lab. This blog we are going to see. Now lets start the blog. Arduino Uno. Connect jumpers to the first four pins.

Leave the RTU pin and connect the last three pins again. Connect the positive wire of 12v door lock to the center pin of the relay. Post connecting, tighten the screw in the relay in the connected area. So that the wire wouldn't slip. Hope you have seen how I tightened the screw after fixing the wire. Exactly right side to the center pin which we connected in the previous step.

Please note the screw of the right side one has to be opened, before the wire is connected. Now you can see the 12 v black wire from adapter. Which is the negative. Connect that negative to the door lock negative use jumpers as appropriate.

Now move the pin in bread board a bit. Connect the pin exactly in the same line where Led is connected. Now connect the other end of the pin to the ground of the buzzer which is connected to bread board. Now connect the pin which is available in the backside gap of buzzer to the green led negative. Connect to the port which is enclosed in.

The upload process ensures the code is uploaded to the Arduino board. Now you have to understand, for the purpose of demonstrating we have to. I'm showing the tag. On showing the tag, a code will be shown.

Copy that code and overwrite it in the denoted area of the code in the portion where it is mentioned as change. Remember, since we wanted to enable the card to access the door lock, we have undergone these steps. If you want card to access door, then we need to do these steps in card.

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