How to make a blog viral

how to make a blog viral

How to create blog posts that go viral

Keyword optimize your post. Put your main topics into Google Keyword Tool and title the post based on the most popular search terms. Add pictures next to key items, it makes them carry more weight. Derek Halpbern of SocialTriggers has a GREAT post about using pictures in your posts. Re-read your. Feb 28, How to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral. Promote your content the right way. Use the power of social media. Make influencer marketing work for you. Use your email list to boost views and shares. Create the right types of content. Make your content more scannable. Set up the bottom of your funnel so Author: Benyamin Elias.

As a blogger, a social media manager, YouTuber or even just someone who surfs the internet frequently, you probably have come across a gone viral type of content.

According to Dictionary. Recently, Buzzsumo did a study to find out the type of content Facebook audiences like, comment and share. They analyzed 2 billion articles and Facebook posts that were published in . By Steve Rayson. They came up with this conclusion after analyzing different types of images. Listed below, are the results of their experiment. Read the full article here. I believe in standing on the shoulders of giants if you want to see further.

Finding material that has already gone viral in your niche should not be a daunting how to put a tatoo. Enter a topic, keyword or URL how to make a blog viral the search field and click search.

And the most shared content on social media will be displayed. Modify the content to make it as original as possible. Research the topic, add more images, Infographics or Videos. The first place to start is by sharing it with all your social media outlets.

You could also use this tool, Viral content bee. You can bypass this process by buying credits or paying to list your content on the front page. It would encourage more shares. New to Blogging? This is a new Era. The Era of difference. In this era, you must make a difference to be different.

Hi, my name is Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things. I have the ability to 10x your business growth. So Join me in the quest to make your business and life better. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. How to create blog posts that go viral. Take the plunge now and start viral marketing.

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Choosing a viral worthy blog topic means choosing a topic that isnt covered too frequently. Theres a slim chance a blog post will go viral if its only filled with information thats been seen numerous times. If you do decide to cover a popular topic, its your job to make it fresh for your readers. Sep 20, Make People Cry One way to make your content go viral is touching on subjects that make your readers cry. Think about writing a post that is upsetting and makes people comment and share your post. Talk About Politics- Readers love expressing . Dont go trying to create this perfect viral content from scratch, and you dont even know if it has the potential of going viral. To create a viral content, do these three things instead; Find content in your niche that has already gone Viral. Recreate and/or Modify. Promote until you run out of oxygen.

What is viral content, and what exactly causes a blog post to go viral? With the explosion of social media, there is more and more potential for any type of content to go viral. Photos and videos are especially likely to go viral, and these can easily be incorporated into a blog post. These are the photos that get spread all over Facebook and the YouTube videos that get millions of hits.

Moreover, a Viral content helps you to get many high-quality backlinks and your blog will be exposed to wider audience. Though the question is, what elements makes a Viral blog posts and I will unearth this question in this blog post:. To be viral, a blog post has to strike a chord that many people can resonate with.

Usually, viral content has one or more of these qualities:. Few blog posts have all of these features, but you really just need one or two of them. Funny or cute photos of pets and children are always popular. So are controversial topics, and in some cases this type of content is offensive or scary. An example of the latter is when there is a scare about an outbreak of the flu or some other disease and everyone is looking for information on how to treat or avoid it. Rumors, which may be true or false, are also likely to get spread quickly.

Just as a rumor can be repeated in an office or high school, on the internet it can spread across whole continents. Blogging on Trendy Topics. Trendy is also an important quality that most viral posts contain. Some of the most popular items online are about celebrities, athletes, politicians and other well known people. Sometimes trends are about things or events rather than people. Think of all the hype that surrounds a new product released by Apple or Microsoft.

Events such as extreme weather, sporting events, elections and even holidays can be extremely trendy topics. Is there a hidden secret to creating viral blog posts? Unfortunately, there is no one action you can take that will guarantee that your post goes viral.

Yet if you follow certain rules, you can increase the chances. Remember that only a good blog post will usually go viral. One of the tricks to creating viral content is to consistently post lots of quality posts. That increases your chances of having some of these posts go viral. Make sure you give a unique angle and article never miss out the personal touch.

Specially, when we read blogs, we expect to read something based on personal experience or personal opinion, without this a Blog post is just another article. The title of your blog post is extremely important, as this is what people will see first. It also has a lot to do with how the search engines index your post. Giving your post a catchy title greatly increases the chance of people sharing it. Keep up with the news, Google Trends , popular magazines and do research on sites like Quora , Reddit to see what people are currently reading, watching and discussing.

While it helps to pick a popular topic , if you want your blog post to go viral you must have an original take on it. Perhaps you can post a controversial opinion, citing evidence against what some experts claim. Images and video can help to make a blog post more popular. You might make a short video where you give your thoughts on a topic. Rather than just trying to spread the video, however, you can embed it into a blog post and make some relevant comments as well.

Infogrpahics are another great way to create viral blog posts and we have already shared how to make an infographic go viral. Though, you need to work on unique idea and create an infographic. While some blog posts may go viral without the creator making much of an effort, this is rare. The more you share your content, the more likely it is that it will spread.

To do this, you must go out of your way to connect with people on social media and social bookmarking sites. If you want to get a feel for what goes viral, pay attention. Every single day there are new viral videos, photos and blog posts. Go to various sites and see which posts and other content rises to the top. Some content goes viral because it shocks, offends or misleads people.

If you get famous for spreading this kind of material, you will be notorious rather than famous. If you want to be well known at any cost, you may be able to create some kind of controversy that gets widespread attention. The best you can do is increase your chances by keeping the above tips in mind.

What kind of content from your blog usually goes viral? Subscribe on YouTube. I always believed viral videos are an outcome of coincidence than planning.

But after reading this post, i have decided to follow the steps more intensely to make my blog posts viral. Lets hope for the best. Thanks for sharing the points, I also believe that some time when you are sure that topic on which you are writing your viral post is definitely going to be liked by the internet audience than yes we should go for this and do some controversy.

Excellent post about how to write impressive content. It is useful for new blogger and experienced too. Thanks to share such topic. Keep it up!!! Rumors is the best thing I think you can add in your original blog post that will help to make it viral. And later when it goes viral, can specify the real thing.

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