How to get around blocked sites at work

how to get around blocked sites at work

How to Unblock Websites & Access Restricted Content

Nov 21, Use a Proxy A proxy server can get around your school or workplace firewall and other URL restrictions by handling all the surfing for you. It does this by going to the website on your behalf, and then displays everything from the website, while the firewall only sees the proxys URL. Jan 15, Using a VPN is the easiest and most reliable way to get around content blocks and unlock the URL you want. A VPN (virtual private network) routes your internet traffic through a remote server, allowing you to choose your virtual location.

Accessing email using Gmail is daily routine for many web users. Incase IT guys at your place has blocked Gmail access, here are few ways to bypass it. Use Proxy websites to get through There are thousands of proxy websites which can be used to access Gmail blocked in office, school or at work. See lists: herehere and here. Download Gmail messages using Email Client Instead of web browser access of Gmail, you can configure an Email client to download Gmail messages.

You can access Gmail using this application without getting into restrictions imposed by IT admin at your place might just work! Note: use discretion while sharing login details. After login you can see latest Gmail messages on the left sidebar. Use a website with Gmail Lite installed - You can use 3rd party websites risky thing which Gmail Lite software installed.

Bump into few of them here at Google Search. This might work, if your IT guys were too lazy to block it. Make friends in IT department - If nothing works, how about getting little friendly with IT what age can i give my baby rusks staff? They might relax Gmail blocking for sometime so that you can get over Gmail addiction. Give it a shot, might work we are humans!

Over to you - If none of the above work in trying to access blocked Gmail at work, office or school give credit to your IT guys, they are very smart! Now its over to you, do you know any other way to get over blocked Gmail? Let us know by adding a comment. Even though studies suggest blocking websites result in lack of concentration and productivity stick to rules and dont jump into blocked zone, ok? Search this site. Recent site activity. Navigation 10 ways to access blocked Gmail at office, school, work.

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Simplest Solution: Use a VPN

Mar 22, How To Unblock Websites? 1. Use VPN for unblocking online. As its name suggests, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) software acts as a hiding layer that doesnt reveal your real 2. Website Unblocker: Use Proxy Websites. 3. Access blocked sites in Chrome. 4. Use IP Rather Than URL. 5. Use .

There might be many reasons behind this, most of the offices, colleges, and schools provide free Wi-Fi to their staff and students but they always aim to block many awesome and useful websites. They may include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Most of the people in those areas always try to unblock websites to access blocked websites. There are many ways to complete this task.

This article helps you to unblock websites and get access to blocked websites at school and work. Using below mentioned steps you may able to open blocked websites easily in no time.

As I said earlier you can access blocked websites at colleges and schools using many different ways. Here are the most commonly used tricks to access blocked websites easily at your schools, colleges, and offices. Working algorithm is very simple. Before proceeding you have create an account at their website and later download and install ProXPN VPN by following on screen instructions carefully.

Once your machine gets connected to ProXPN VPN, then it creates a secret tunnel via which data exchange takes place hiding your exact physical location. TunnelBear Vpn also works alike above one. Just download it from their official site and install it by following on-screen instructions.

Working logic is simple and same as above two. Just download and install it and enjoy surfing blocked websites for completely free. Securitykiss , it keeps it simple and smart and helps you to surf entire internet without any restrictions. It is completely free of cost and safe to use. Your personal data is never misused in any way. This is simple yet most efficient way to access blocked sites in just matter of few clicks.

You can contact support team in case of any difficulties. Wayback Machine is an online tool with a unique concept. This tool collect and store the cache of almost all sites. In short, you can see how does a website look a year or couple of years ago.

Using this tool, select the latest cache and it will almost look like actual website. This is one the best way to access blocked websites using cache. You have unblocked the website and accessing it like a boss. Best part of Google search engine is they store the websites cache. It helps us to see blocked sites via these cache pages.

Doing this is very simple and even a newbie can do this. Kindly hit on it and enjoy surfing blocked sites in no time. Note : Replace www. If any site is blocked in your area, then you definitely need a mediator to get connected to it. In short these proxy websites acts as same. Name itself sounds funny right? But it is a very powerful tool and I always use this for any urgent tasks and works.

According to me, HidemyAss is best proxy website till now I have used. It works very fast when compared to rest. Spysurfing is another proxy site which hides your actual location and connects to blocked websites in a fraction of seconds.

Spysurfing even has advanced options like filters. You can remove Images, flash, scripts etc. But they works slower than normal. Proxify also works on the same principle but is a paid tool and you need to login to make use of their service. However you can get one day free trail to test its power and features.

Just enter the required url and press Enter. It works bit slower but gives the maximum result. Since it stores cookies to works perfectly which is not possible with proxies.

So you need an alternative to access such sites, here comes the Tor web browser which can surf the internet anonymously hiding your identity. You can download Tor web browser here. By Installing Hola extension in your browser, you can browser the internet anonymously hiding your physical identity. You can get Hola extension for your browser here. Bonus : Install Geek Dashboard Extension on your chrome. Normally schools and offices block the websites by entering the URL like www.

If you manage to grab the IP address of blocked website, then you can unblock them by accessing it with their IP address. Note : Replace websitenanme. Check below screenshot for reference. If Facebook is blocked at your college, using online tools likes bit. Most of modern browsers today support proxy. There are tons of proxy sites available on internet; from then select one the proxy site and enter it in your browser to access blocked websites at work and school.

Then click on connection settings and select manual proxy configuration. Finally enter any proxy and port name and press OK. But few popular websites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo allow their visitors to surf securely.

It works in some of the cases. Web2mail is an online tool which sends webpages to your mail. Signup from this site and request them to send any of the blocked site to your email.

Most of the email services like Gmail, Yahoo and outlook supports html in mails, so you can access blocked websites from your email as well. Google Translate is capable to convert any webpage from one language to other. Enter URL of website and hit translate. Check screenshot for better understanding. Top 10 Best Google Chrome Themes. Do you remember the IP address trick I mentioned above? What if even IP address is blocked at your college.

No worries! First find the IP address of the required website using above command prompt tool and then open this online tool and enter IP address as shown below and press calculate. Finally you can see decimal code, copy and use it as new URL for your blocked website.

Hope one of these 21 tricks helped you to access blocked websites easily at your college or work. Amazing tips, thanks to share. I just want to access my email but gmail. You may have a speed recovery. Let me know if it worked for you. Among these ways VPN is the most effective one. For secure internet browsing VPN is the best option. I am using Hide-My-IP to acess any blocked website.

It really works. I have read this publish and if I could I want to recommend you few attention-grabbing things or advice. Perhaps you could write next articles regarding this article. I wish to learn more issues approximately it! My school got macbook airs this year but they practically blocked everything, i would like a little more freedom if you know what i mean , theyre main blocker is Lightspeed systems.

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