How to get a mmsi number

how to get a mmsi number

MMSI: Now Available Online!

MMSI is a nine-digit number assigned to a marine radio & transfers your registration information to the U.S. Coast Guard for use in emergency situations. BoatUS offers fast & easy way to obtain an MMSI number. Learn more here! Sep 16, A Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) is a 9-digit number used to identify a ship radio. If youre a US boater and plan on traveling to or communicating with a foreign port, you can get an MMSI number by applying for a ship station license through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The DSC features of your radioparticularly distress callswill not be functional until you have assigned an MMSI number to your radio. The MMSI number uniquely identifies your vessel on the water. You can think of it tet a telephone number for your radio. The single most important reason for having a VHF-DSC radio with an MMSI is the capability to automatically send a distress call that includes the details of your boat and its position to nearby vessels and the Coast Guard.

Perhaps more importantly, if you as the captain are incapacitated and need your shipmate s to handle a distress call, you can easily teach them how to do it. All DSC nummber radios have a red flap over the distress button, the red-covered button on the right of the pictured Lowrance Link 8 radio. Press and hold the distress button for 5 seconds, and an alarm noise and a distress call with all the pertinent details of your vessel is sent. Once the distress call is received, you or your shipmates can answer any follow-up questions that the responding party may have on channel Some radios, including my Lowrance Link 8, will allow a two-stage distress call: Press and release the button to mmsii the nature of your distress e.

DSC radios will continue to send the distress call every four minutes until a response is received. MMSI searches can be done at www. Be sure to check your spam or junk folder for the email from Industry Canada. You can likely setup your radio to auto reply to DSC test calls so that no intervention is required on your end to respond.

The world of DSC transmissions is more than just automating distress calls, though. And, as I already mentioned, take a moment to walk through the use of the DSC distress button with any shipmates on your next outing. It only takes a minuteeasily done while idling away from the boat launch or marinaand can enable anyone on the boat to assist in an emergency situation. Thank you, Gett, for the clarification.

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Registration Criteria

Official DHS and U.S. Coast Guard users can obtain an MMSI through Commandant (CG) in accordance with Commandant Instruction MD, Section D. U.S. Coast Auxiliary surface vessel operators should request assignment of MMSIs using the same method as for a U.S. Non-Federal user. Aug 01, How to get a MMSI number for your boat, where and how to register with the FCC if you boat in international waters. h. Jul 13, You will need to refer to your radios manual on specific steps to enter your new MMSI number. On the Lowrance Link 8, press and hold the CALL/MENU button for 1 second to enter DSC SETUP. Then, select USER MMSI and proceed to input your number. Most DSC radios have a DSC Test option that allows you to send a DSC call to another vessel.

You may want to visit that article to fully understand what is being explained in this addendum. Many thanks to Susan Ruse for digging out this information about how the new owner can re-use the MMSI number that the previous owner used. This is very valuable because it will save you from having to re-program the devices that came with the boat! Note that it might take some time so start this process even before the sale is final by talking to the current owner of the MMSI and agree on how the transfer is to be handled.

However you will then need to WAIT to apply for your license until the cancellation is completed. The only way the MMSI number will be assigned again is if someone requests that exact number. Obviously you want to encourage your previous owner to cancel their fcc licenses on-line. This process is as follows:. Licensees can request a license cancellation by writing a letter. The letter should include the following information:.

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