How to earn free pdus

how to earn free pdus

How to Earn 60 PDUs for Free and Maintain Your PMP®Certification

How to Earn Free PDUs Attend an Event. Members have free access to PMXPO On Demand through 31 January Sign up today. Attend a Webinar. Your membership gives you access to s of informative webinars on, all of. Feb 18,  · Earn Free PDUs for PMP Renewal Passing PMP, Earn PDUs / By Shane Drumm. Quickly Earn Free PDUs for PMP Renewal You have 3 years before your PMP® certification expires. Within these 3 years you need to accumulate 60 professional development units (PDUs). If you have not accumulated the 60 PDUs you cannot renew your certification. If you have not accumulated .

And is it an expensive affair and so on. And you can choose them as per your interest and needs of your profession. Certified Scrum Master Program. SAFe Agilist Program. Certified Agile Coach Program. Most of you will fall into this category, and Eafn believe this category people should not spend money just to get PDUs, they can attend training to feee but not for PDUs.

And, undergoing one year of the suspension period. Usually, the realization dawns upon late when already near to the suspension. So, rarn a tab on the following:. PMI encourages that you upgrade your skills by applying, using, and increasing project management concepts.

And in this journey, you earn PDUs. There are many ways to enhance your skills. There are many ways and start using them for your professional development. Answer : Yes. Why not. If you have earned more than required 60 PDUs, you can claim them for your next 3-year cycle.

But, PDUs earned during the first two years of fres 3-year cycle cannot be applied to the next cycle. Answer : No, these are not required.

In case you are selected for an audit, you will need to how to calculate kilocalories in chemistry this documentation. This is a favorite category for those who love to enhance skills by reading books. If you have follow-up questions, post them in the comment box provided we would be more than happy to assist you. The fee is same for all the countries. Right now we help in bridging learnings with best practices of project and business analysis concepts.

We are not dealing with security certifications. Could you please provide your contact Info. I got PMP certified dree 28 March Thank you in advance and awaiting your response.

The PDU you earned through attending the webinar will be equivalent to the number of hours you attended. You can start earning and claiming rest of the 40 PDUs only after 13th Feb Thanks, Jyoti. My PMP certification will expire on 12 February My next Cycle: 13 Feb — 12 Feb Please assist! Hi I am attending some webinars and it is ewrn automatically reported, But I also submitted my own summary for each of the attended webinar.

Yes you can report 60 PDUs after 6th May before Nov what is a rogue select, and pay renewal fees, it will get extended till These 20 PDUs have been collected during the last year of hiw cycle and now could be pxus forward. I am planning to collect another 40 PDUs immediately post 5th Mayand renew my certification.

Is this possible? Or one can renew certification only outside current cycle? Thanks in advance. Forgot to mention — renewal date for my certification is 05 May So, question was, if I report 60 PDUs before Novand pay renewal fees, will it get extended till ?

Pls advice. A new CCR ffee starts after the renewal process. The renewal fee is different for member and non-member. Hi Riyaz, Please share the details of that training. It was happened on Still, the certificate is invalid? The category etc got changed in recent time, and we will come with blog explaining the modified one soon, but the PDU calculation rule remains the same. Pls confirm for category C, in order to claim 30 PDUs which all videos in the youtube channel need to be seen.

I visited izenbridge youtube channel and find even videos of shorter durationwill that be considered for PDU consideration. Is it that strictly vree need to go through 1 hour plus or atleast 1 hour videos to claim PDUs, pls confirm.

Yes you can claim 2. Yes you need to fill, just explore the pmi. Please do it soon since things will change from Dec onwards.

Engineering Manager in corporate but practicing project management methodology to managing multiple projects, can I claim 15 PDU pdys category F? Reading over internet also falls under category C 3, Since its self learning it will also fall under category C. Please can you help me with below queries, I read your this blog to some extent still wanted to confirm.

I am registered with ezrn and keep reading books from their what is the magic trade show in vegas available to members…. Controlling by Harold Kerzner. I was doing some internet study for agile n water fall methods and spent approx 3 hours n have taken excel notes. I am going through, video courses available youtube for ms project basic n advanced.

I do have 20 page notes [5 pages for video and 15 pages for book] in case if PMI wants to perform audit. Saket ;dus. Search for:. Training Schedule. Time pm — pm IST. Venue Online Live. Book Now. Time pm - pm IST. More Details. Time pm - am IST. Hi Venu, Right farn we help in bridging learnings with best practices of project and business analysis concepts. Regards, Jyoti. Hi Saket, thanks for the detailed inputs on gathering PDUs.

Hi Saket, Please can you help me with below queries, I pdu your this blog to some extent still too to confirm. My question, I am registered pdua pmi and keep reading books from their store available to members…. Can you please help me Thanks Dipti. Scrum Upcoming Trainings Contact Blog.

Reach Us. Technical: 11 Leadership: 2 Strategic: 8. Technical: 21 Leadership: 4 Strategic: Technical: 10 Leadership: 4 Strategic: 2. Technical: 16 Leadership: 0 Strategic: 0. Technical: 3. Technical: 4. Technical: 5 Leadership: 1 Strategic: 1.

Technical: 0 Leadership: 24 Strategic: 0.

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How to Earn 60 Free PDUs. Watch this video for the details. In this video we go through all the details of how to best earn your PDUs: Basic Rules to Remember. Earning 60 PDUs from The Project Management podcast is extremely simple and takes just four steps. Benefit from our experience, let us bring to you an array of options to earn PDUs for free. All PDUs for free. Get hundred's of qualified free PDU earning sources and help in claiming them on the PMI portal. All under one umbrella. We have enough & more options to complete all the PDUs required for renewal. Dec 05,  · Courses from REPs: You can earn PDUs also by attending programs organized by REPs. or by taking enrolling to online courses. It is preferred when you are planning your next certificate. After PMP® certification, if you are planning PMI-ACP® or PMI-PBA® certification these could be the right opportunities to earn PDUs as well.

PDUs are professional development units. They are a measure of how much professional, continuous learning you have done. PDUs are measured in hours. You can claim them in 15 minute chunks if you spend part of an hour on professional development. That can be timed as 20 PDUs every year or 60 PDUs in the last 3 months of the three year cycle as you panic and try to get them all in before your certification expires.

The PDUs for every certification need to be made up of education undertaken in specific areas. More on that in a minute. If you are close to your recertification deadline, read my guide on how to quickly earn PDUs for renewal.

The Giving Back category of PDUs are those earned from contributing to the profession and expanding your horizons through volunteering. Download the CCR Handbook from the PMI website for a complete step-by-step breakdown of what you need for your particular circumstances. Simply do some professional development that earns you credit across your portfolio of certificates. Many of these are free ways to get PDUs.

Others are simple to do but come with a cost. Whether you mentor others or are being mentored, you can claim that time as it is a structured professional discussion. I can help with that!

More formal coaching arrangements also work — record the hours you spend coaching others or receiving coaching. If you take a training course or attend a webinar, offer to give a 15 minute summary version to your team at the next team meeting.

Did you notice in the tables above that you can earn PDUs simply for doing your job? If you are working in any kind of project delivery role, PMO role or similar in any industry, you can count some of your professional service working hours towards the maximum requirements for Giving Back.

You can use a copy of your job description as part of your evidence for this type of PDU claim. This is honestly the easiest way to earn those PDUs. Get a video webinar delivered to your device every month. Earn PDUs by listening to these podcasts on your phone, mobile device, or computer. Learn from 25 project management experts when it is convenient to you. And with more and more Chapters offering webinars online, you may find it easier than ever to get to an event.

Typically, PMI will only let you claim PDUs for organization meetings per certification renewal cycle, so review the upcoming calendar for your local Chapter and see what events are coming up. Do check first if there is a fee: some Chapters offer events free to members and charge non-members. The easiest way to earn a lot of PDUs in one go is to take a class. This is a particularly good option if you hold more than one certification, because you can break up the PDUs and use them to count towards the various re-certification requirements.

Online, self-paced video courses are good because you can fit them in around your work responsibilities, but any project management training will count. Check out what your local community college is offering as evening classes or weekend study.

Membership of professional bodies normally comes with a journal or magazine. You can claim time for reading that, and heck, even this website! Books also count, and there are some excellent project management books out there. Just remember to write down what you learned and what you read, so you have an evidence log if you need to submit more information to PMI.

If you already have a Wikipedia login, you can start at the biggest wiki in the world and contribute your project management knowledge to that. One of my favorite things to do at work was hosting the lunch and learn sessions. I curated a series of webinars over about a year. Project delivery professionals from all over the business joined the webinars or watched the replays over a lunch time.

It was surprisingly easy to organize in-house. Ask for volunteers to talk about what they learned on a project, or to do a deep-dive into something that went well or not. Or simply pull up an article on your favorite PM website, or a case study in a magazine and talk about what you would do in that situation.

I emailed the heads of department about my lunchtime webinars and asked them to forward my message on. Then anyone who wanted to join the webinars could.

I simply sent out a calendar invite to the people on the list. You can earn PDUs for contributing to the community or watching videos. Create content and join in! Write a blog post, contribute to a discussion, take a poll or a quiz, and start counting your hours. There are a number of free quizzes and badges to earn, all of which qualify for PDU time as you are practicing your skills.

PMI have some video on demand learning courses, including some that are for free, like this introduction to Agile course. If you are already going to study for something else, that study time counts.

Finally, here are a couple of extra ideas for earning PDUs. You can volunteer. Talk to your local organization first and see what volunteer opportunities there are. You can create new content. Log on there and input your details. PDUs are valid for the re-certification cycle you earned them in every 3 years.

Once you have claimed the PDU for a re-certification cycle, you need to earn new ones to cover you for the next 3 years.

A PDU equals one hour of professional development time. It can be spend doing a variety of learning activities. You can also claim PDUs in 15 minute increments if your learning timeslot goes over one hour e. Earn free PDUs from doing your job, listening to podcast episodes, volunteering, reading relevant materials and contributing to the profession, amongst other ways. Enter your email address below to get the 3-part video workshop on project management careers delivered right to your inbox.

You'll also receive weekly ish emails with project management tips, the occasional giveaway and more. You can unsubscribe at any time. Watch the free training! This article contains affiliate links. We may earn a commission if you click a link and go on to make a purchase; it does not cost you extra.

Thanks for your support! Read my full disclosure. Ready to get started? In this article: What is a PDU? How many PDUs do I need? Claim your pre-course work 2. Claim for mentoring 3. Give a presentation at work 4. Do your job 5. Go to a meeting 7. Take a course 8. Reading 9.

Watch a webinar Contribute to a wiki Host a lunch and learn session Spend time on ProjectManagement. Use PM Edge Take an e-learning course How many hours is a PDU? How can I get free PDUs? Next steps Pin for later reading.

Technical PDUs can apply to more than one of your certifications as long as the subject is relevant. Earn PDUs. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you ad. Opportunities that offer you badges, quiz results, certificates and so on are great because they give you evidence that you can easily refer to if your development record is ever audited. Tip: I recommend you put a recurring calendar appointment in your diary to update the CCRS system every three months at least.

How long are PDUs valid? About Elizabeth Harrin. Visit The Shop Check out my ebooks, template packs and other resources to help you get started and keep going on your projects Shop now. Looking for something? About Us A Girl's Guide to Project Management is a blog for project, programme and portfolio managers and project delivery professionals.

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