How to create a website in php with example

how to create a website in php with example

How to create a simple dynamic website with php and mysql

Dec 16,  · Our example is going to be a basic home page, including biographical information and some images. For this simple PHP website, you're going to create a single PHP page populated by content from three HTML pages. The file you create can then be edited by adjusting the words and images from the original HTML files. You can create more pages in the web site by setting $pgdata['page_name'] array with their data, and create the content in "" file, in "pages" directory. - To Download the files with this example, click: Create simple Website with PHP.

I have been posting tutorials from basic to advance levels. But recently when interacting with some my blog followers still beginners I found that they still have trouble doing basic stuff like connecting their php scripts with database. So this time I have made a mini project on how to create a simple dynamic website with php and mysql. You can download this mini project for free and customize it as per your needs and creativity.

In this mini project you will learn how to connect your database mysql with php, setup an html template, make header, footer, dynamic sidebar, fetch title, content, meta tags, meta description for dynamic web pages individual pages. You can manage these web pages form the manage site area which is like the admin section of the website. You will creage learn how to integrate facebook fan page, google badge plugin, and twitter follow button in the sidebar. Take a look at the database schema with sample records.

I have made how to say crowd in spanish dynamic website which you can download for free. View Demo Download I hope this project will help you get started with php and mysql. Software is the hardware of my life. No its working fine. If yes then how can i do it?? Of course you can connect php with ms-access using ODBC technique. For using ms-access with php you need to setup database in ms-access first.

It is really a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that you simply ab trainer how to use this helpful info with aebsite.

Please keep ;hp up to date crete this. Thank you what you need to build a skateboard sharing. Stay up the good work! You understand, many people are looking round for this information, you can help them greatly.

Hi How can I make product listing page and advance manage site system? Why are you always upto codes, please try yourself and then we will try to help you the best possible way we can. Thank you. Hello sir, Im how soon do aids symptoms appear have interest in php.

Your website offered us with useful info to work on. You have performed an impressive task and our whole group can be thankful to you. This blog was… how do you say it? Assalam o Alaikum! I am glad to read ur tutorial. Dear Sir!

I want to learn. Q guide me and tell me how can I learn them. Allah Hafiz. Walikum as salam! Get an online e-book on php and mysql to get started, It will help you right now for building up the basics.

Hi mate. Exanple works is great and thx for that. I have only one little problem. Can you please tell me how to make a new template for this script? Thanks mate. New template means new design. Hi Bro Wbsite accept my friend request in skype. How to create a website in php with example have created this website using the sample code provided by Mr. Software Guy. Please help me out.

Thanks for sharing this topic, Just wonder if there is any tutorial available for this, to make it better understandable. I have 20 users and want to create login ID and password for each users. Each user after successfull login ID and password can accessm the file.

At the same time a report shall be maintained showing which users access which files. Would you please help me as I have to make my website live. Well it because you have set the wrong username password or your server name must be set wrong in your config file. Forbidden erro….

HiI Also read this post. Have Fun. I got your conceptis there any chances to create a dynamic website using JavaScript. How to do that. Thank for nice tutorial…. First of all I want to say terrific blog! I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your thoughts before writing. I have had a difficult time clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out there. I do enjoy writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be lost just trying to figure out how to begin.

Any ideas or tips? Thanks for appreciating my work. Well I can understand what you are going through, as I have passed the same phase. This is how i work. First of all before choosing any topic i just work on the problem and solution. Webstie not to forget I switch off my cellphone and internet to keep away from distraction.

Hope this helps you. How do i start a project initially, for example a company need one type of project 1. How to start or plan? The issue is something not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I came across this during my search for something concerning this. Am very new to exxmple php development. Where to dump the downloaded php project in my system.

Iam getting confused. Please let exa,ple know are there any open source platforms are there r not? Maybe you should try this tutorials. Hi Sharlene. If you have a local server running on your machine, just create a folder in you html website and dump all the files there, set that up in the config files and you are good to go. Just follow the basic config file. I am Samu, I am totally new to web development, I was into system administration, But now I need to know about Web development, Can you please help me to fix the deceptive site?

I think its attacked by virus. I want to make my professional career in designing. How can i start?? Your post is very helpful nd useful for the people you wish to work in the web development field. As it seems that people are showing great participation after reading this post. Thats really great.

I too went through all the steps and found it very helpful. Thanks for sharing this piece of information and Keep sharing!!!! Thanks for ih post. Hello, I how to rust blue a gun at home hari and i want to create a medical management website so that patients can register there appointment. I am ready with. But i want to give it to Public to register there appointment.

I want make all my. I dont know how to make my. Hi, Shahrukh Khan, it sound like Bollywood actor name. I love this sample website, so simple and it is comfortable to look. Your article is very nice.

By Shahrukh Khan

Nov 10,  · In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to create a dynamic website from scratch using PHP 7 and Mysql. This article is a nice real-life example that can help beginner learners to understand the basics of PHP and MYSQL. It is written for educational purposes, however, it represents a good base that can be used to deliver a fully-operational digital product. Learn how to create a responsive website that will work on all devices: PC, laptop, tablet, and phone. Example Website. We have created a free responsive example website with HTML and CSS. Try to rezise the browser window to see the responsive effect: PHP Examples Java Examples XML Examples jQuery Examples. Web Courses HTML Course CSS Course. With just a couple of lines of PHP in each page we have turned our static pages in a dynamic web site. If we now wish to do any of the operations listed above, say move to a different style sheet, add an image to the header section, change the contact e-mail, we can now do it in a “central” location (the header and footer pages), once, and this will reflect on all the pages of our website.

PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. It is typically used on websites to generate web page content dynamically. Use-cases include:. Typically, it is used in the first form to generate web page content dynamically. For example, if you have a blog website, you might write some PHP scripts to retrieve your blog posts from a database and display them.

Other uses for PHP scripts include:. All PHP code is executed on a web server only, not on your local computer. For example, if you complete a form on a website and submit it, or click a link to a web page written in PHP, no actual PHP code runs on your computer. Instead, the form data or request for the web page gets sent to a web server to be processed by the PHP scripts. The web server then sends the processed HTML back to you which is where 'Hypertext Preprocessor' in the name comes from , and your web browser displays the results.

PHP is an interpreted language. This means that when you make changes to your source code you can immediately test these changes, without first needing to compile your source code into binary form. Skipping the compilation step makes the development process much faster. The advantage of using a framework is that. Also, PHP statements end with a semicolon ;. However, all variable names are case sensitive. PHP has several special keywords that, while they are "valid" variable names, cannot be used for your variables.

The reason for this is that the language itself has already defined those variables and they have are used for special purposes. Several examples are listed below, for a complete list see the PHP documentation site.

Booleans are often used in conditional testing. Null is a special data type that can only have the value null. Variables can be declared with no value or emptied by setting the value to null. Also, if a variable is created without being assigned a value, it is automatically assigned null. A class is a data structure useful for modeling things in the real world, and can contain properties and methods. Objects are instances a class, and are a convenient way to package values and functions specific to a class.

A resource is a special variable, holding a reference to an external resource. Resources are created and used by special functions. You can use get resource type function to see resource type. A string is series of characters. These can be used to store any textual information in your application.

Double quoted strings also allow escape sequences. These are special codes that put characters in your string that represent typically invisible characters.

You can also embed PHP variables in double quoted strings to have their values added to the string. Find the number of words in a string The str word count function returns the number of words in a string:.

Constants are a type of variable in PHP. The define function to set a constant takes three arguments - the key name, the key's value, and a Boolean true or false which determines whether the key's name is case-insensitive false by default.

A constant's value cannot be altered once it is set. It is important to know that unlike variables, constants ALWAYS have a global scope and can be accessed from any function in the script. New to PHP 7. Note: You can nest as many statements in an "if" block as you'd like; you are not limited to the amount in the examples.

Note: elseif should always be written as one word. Note: It's a good practice to wrap individual conditions in parens when you have more than one it can improve readability. Suppose you need to display "Hello user name " if a user is logged in, and "Hello guest" if they're not logged in. It allows rapid case testing with a lot of different possible conditions, the code is also more readable. The break; statement exits the switch and goes on to run the rest of the application's code. If you do not use the break; statement you may end up running multiple cases and statements, sometimes this may be desired in which case you should not include the break; statement.

While break can be omitted without causing fall-through in some instances see below , it is generally best practice to include it for legibility and safety see below :. When you need to repeat a task multiple times, you can use a loop instead of adding the same code over and over again.

Arrays are like regular variables, but hold multiple values in an ordered list. This can be useful if you have multiple values that are all related to each other, like a list of student names or a list of capital cities. Each has their own use and we'll look at how to create these arrays. An indexed array is a list of ordered values. Each of these values in the array is assigned an index number. Indexes for arrays always start at 0 for the first value and then increase by one from there.

An associative array is a list of values that are accessed via a key instead of index numbers. The key can be any value but it must be unique to the array. A multidimensional array is an array that contains other arrays. This lets you create complex data structures that can model a very complex group of data. The count function is used to return the length the number of elements of an array:.

PHP offers several functions to sort arrays. This page describes the different functions and includes examples. Forms are a way for users to enter data or select data from the webpage.

Forms can store data as well as allow the information to be retrieved for later use. To make a form to work in languages like PHP you need some basic attributes in html. In most cases PHP uses 'post' and 'get' super global variables to get the data from form.

The 'method' attribute here tell the form the way to send the form data. Then the 'action' attribute tell where to send form data to process. Now the 'name' attribute is very important and it should be unique because in PHP the value of the name work as the identity of that input field.

PHP has a few functions to check if the required inputs have been met. If this article was helpful, tweet it. Learn to code for free. Get started. Forum Donate. PHP is a server-side scripting language created in by Rasmus Lerdorf. What is PHP used for? Use-cases include: Websites and web applications server-side scripting Command line scripting Desktop GUI applications Typically, it is used in the first form to generate web page content dynamically.

Installation PHP can be installed with or without a web server. My name is ". There are a number of different ways to create strings in PHP. Single Quotes Simple strings can be created using single quotes. Scope It is important to know that unlike variables, constants ALWAYS have a global scope and can be accessed from any function in the script.

Operators PHP contains all the normal operators one would expect to find in a programming language. Loops When you need to repeat a task multiple times, you can use a loop instead of adding the same code over and over again.

Using a break within the loop can stop the loop execution. For loop Loop through a block of code a specific number of times. Current loop counter 1.

Current loop counter 2. Current loop counter 3. Current loop counter 4. The index is 9. The index is 8. The index is 7. The index is 6. The index is 5. The index is 4. The index is 3. The index is 2. The index is 1. The index is 0.

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