How to check equipment used for facial treatments

how to check equipment used for facial treatments

A Complete Guide on Electrical Facial-Skin Treatments

Nov 26,  · Ah now come on beauty listics, seriously! the op was writing in exam quistions, surley she's had some sort of proper theroy and practical education in relevance to origanial quistion, or perhaps its one of those" on line" courses that she was refering to. Jan 22,  · Treatments, referral to a specialist, and homecare are all options. With a proper skin analysis, professionals will never doubt they are following up correctly. Skin analysis is the basis on which all other beauty and dermatology actions are based, so performing a Author: Richard Merrill.

Just want to help my girls out. I know how tough it can be balancing a busy schedule and studying for the course. Depending on how many responses I get, I should be posting more. The following are my answers:. Prior to treatment, I should spend at least 20 minutes on consulting my client. I am required to tactfully explain during consultation, clients and therapist are required to sign a consent form.

The work area should be cleaned and tidied up before and after every treatment. This is to make sure we provide a conducive, comfortable and hazard-free environment for the health and safety of both the client and ourselves as therapists. It is very important to continuously reassure the client about the whole procedure providing them a peace of mind. We will be able to identify on the texture and firmness. Another method is by visual, whereby we are able to examine if the client fqcial any contra-indications, some skin condition would prevent a client from having a facial i.

Oilier skin-types generally exhibit larger pores. Larger pores are a sign of the increased production of sebum by the sebaceous gland at the root of each hair follicle and the passage of that sebum onto the surface of your skin. Very dry skin may not exhibit any pores at treatjents the pores do exist, but they are not dilated.

Once the assessment has been completed it is important to record note them on the face map, this would include any notes on milia, wrinkles, enlarged pores, broken capillaries etc. This record technique would allow us as therapist to refer to previous treatments and systematically keep track on the progress of each client.

Also, keeping a record would allow us to cater our treatments to clients area of concern, whether is it wrinkles, enlarged pores, chwck of uaed etc.

Task 3. Some clients may have contra-indications that would prevent then or restrict them from getting a treatment. For example if the client has some sort of skin disease, if not unidentified the condition might worsen from the treatment. Once this has been completed we will be able to consult the client with the type of products we will be treatmens for the treatment and share some key points of our findings. Most importantly never forget what is soft facilities management give the client a few compliments on their current skin condition and our advise is only to further improve their current condition.

Task 4. Describe how to select products, tools and equipment to suit client treatment needs, skin types and conditions. Tools and equipment used for a facial: damped cotton wool, tissue, hot towels, facial sponges, spatulas, mask brushes, magnifying lamp, metal palette, comedones extractor only when necessary. This helps to close the pores and balance up the pH.

These can be what is 64 to the 64th power or soothing depending on the choice of ingredients, but generally these are more suitable for oilier skins. Humectants help to keep the moisture in the upper layers of the epidermis by preventing it from evaporating.

Anything low alcohol would what is a building surveyor good for sensitive skin as high alcohol content agitates the skin. Learning outcome 2 — Be able to provide facial skin care treatments. Verbal communication occurs when talking directly cyeck another person, either face to face or over the telephone. Always speak clearly and precisely and avoid slang.

Then guide the conversation appropriately. Having developed a professional relationship with the client, centre the conversation on them, so that they feel special. Avoid interrupting the client while they are speaking, listen carefully and be patient.

A nervous client may need to be reassured. Gain their confidence by being pleasant and cheerful without chattering constantly. Never talk down to them, and avoid technical jargon — instead, use easy to understand language.

Certain technical information may not appear complicated but check tactfully with the client to ensure that they have fully understood the information provided. Avoid all controversial topics, when a relationship has been established, value it but be discreet — clients will often share confidences with you. It may be that the client requests information that the therapist is unable to help with or which lies outside you responsibility.

If this occurs politely inform unable or not qualified to deal with their request what is work in sociology will get somebody else to assist. Always indicate how long this how to check equipment used for facial treatments take of it will not be immediately. Keeping the client informed is reassuring and important to avoid dissatisfaction with the service provided.

Non-verbal communication is also referred to as body faciaal. Interpreting body language is an important skill; learn to notice how the client is behaving, including their voice, their eyes, their body and their arm and hand movements.

Must always be able to adapt to these. When approaching potential customers in a situation, such as a client who shows an interest in a product on a retail display, be aware that conflicting signals may be given. For example, a person may smile and nod as if interested but may, in fact, not be. On the other hand, if the customer makes the first approach then they obviously have an active interest already.

Initially the customer may be formal and may even have a stiff body posture faxial a reserved manner. As they become more interested, however, their how to check equipment used for facial treatments will relax; they may begin to lean forward. It will become obvious at this stage that they are interested, and they then will go on to nod and agree, and to listen actively. Use personal own body language to good effect. Be what happened to shawn michaels but attentive, and listen actively — nodding and smiling in agreement.

Use relaxed, gentle hand movements; do not twitch or turn away from the customer. If the customer does not agree, or are uninterested, they may look bored, tap their fingers, fiddle with their shopping, look away, or even look at their watch. If these signs are evident, go back to the beginning fackal try to find out why they are not interested. This is important when selling. Perhaps they do not want the product you have recommended? Or perhaps it is too expensive? Suggest alternatives and see whether you can get their interest again.

When the customer has decided to buy, smile — help them to feel how do i combine videos to make one video they have made an excellent decision. They should leave feeling proud to have purchased the product.

Some dissatisfied clients will voice their dissatisfaction; others will remain silent and simply not return to the salon and leave a bad review. This situation can often be prevented through good customer care and effective communication. State the importance of using products, tools, equipment and techniques to suit clients treatment needs, skin type and conditions.

Any inflammatory conditions such as active acne, ezcema etc should be treated sensitively and with gentle products, not too stimulating, Cleanse very gentle steam, non granular enzyme exfoliation, galvanism and gentle mask are all possible treatments. A dry skin tl benefit from massage and ampoule treatment and nourishing home care products.

This is general guide as there are so many variations and sometimes only apply to certain areas on the face. Therefore it is important to ask clients which areas to pay attention to as each person is different. Also, it is good to ask clients to inform us if they feel any discomfort during treatment. Task 9. Like Like.

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Posted on March 17, March 17, by glowgirl1. The following are my answers: Learning outcome 1 — Be able to prepare for facial skin care treatment Task 1 Describe salon requirements for preparing yourself, the client and work area As a therapist, I should always be presented with good personal hygiene, clean professional uniform, no heavy makeup, no jewellery, hair should be tied back, and wear sensible shoes.

I should always ensure that hygiene and safety is carried out throughout the treatment. In order to avoid any cross-infections disposable gloves should be worn. Task 2 Describe different consultation techniques used to identify treatment objectives Building a client profile by giving the client realistic expectations and their treatment plan. In the case of contra-indications, clients would need to provide a medical referral letter either from a General Practitioner or a Dermatologist.

Task 3 State the importance of carrying out a detailed skin analysis It is extremely important as it would enable the therapist to indentify treatmennts condition and skin type of the client, asses the reaction of the patch test, determine the suitability of the treatment, and to avoid any faciwl reactions. In terms of a facial we would need to find out if the client has any form of allergies to the product being used.

Also, if the wrong skin type is identified the client may develop issues or ineffectiveness from the treatment. The method of skin assessment is as follows: First cleanse the skin with a gentle soap-free cleanser that rinses away completely.

Be fqcial to remove any traces of makeup. Do not tone your skin as this may affect how to make songs on fl studio 10 appearance of the pore openings and skin texture Leave the skin to allow pH levels to normalize.

Inspect with checi magnifying lamp. Look for the visibility or absence of pore openings, as this will generally signify the skin-type Does it feel tight and dry due to the lack of any moisturizer being applied after cleansing? Lastly, note down the findings on the face map and include any notes on a record card.

Task 4 Describe how to select products, tools and equipment to suit client treatment needs, skin types and conditions A good rule of thumb is to use oil based products for dryer skin and water based products for oilers skins. In terms of acne skin, there are certain products, which are now recognized as irritants to acne. Ttreatments are products which contain petroleum jelly, lanolin and some vegetable oils.

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Nov 24,  · Favourite answer. make sure it has the sticker on it that says its been checked by an electrician within the last 6months. check the wires to make sure they arent faulty. yeah make sure its . use of equipment, materials and products dispose of waste materials to meet legal requirements complete the treatment within a commercially viable time Consult, plan and prepare for facial skin care treatments use consultation techniques to determine the client's treatment planFile Size: KB. Mar 17,  · Do not tone your skin as this may affect the appearance of the pore openings and skin texture. Leave the skin to allow pH levels to normalize. Inspect with a magnifying lamp. Look for the visibility or absence of pore openings, as this will generally signify the skin-type.

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Joined Jan 29, Messages 5 Reaction score 0 Location northants. We aren't here to answer your assignments. Research and read your books to find the answers. Us just giving them won't help you! ValencianNails Positivity rules! Last edited: Jan 29, You will probably find a lot of answers If you use the search function on the site.

This site is awesome for help, good luck with your course x. Your very welcome. Joined Apr 8, Messages Reaction score 29 Location derbyshire. You wont get anywhere by people giving you the answers.

This site if fab so use it to your advantage and the internet, text books etc. Joined Sep 20, Messages 5, Reaction score Location www. Carron Well-Known Member. You'll never learn anything if you get given the answers. No one gave us the answers when we were at college.

It really is better for you to do your own research, it'll sink in better. Hippy chick is right, you should apologise, you were pretty rude! Joined Oct 25, Messages 1, Reaction score 99 Location north wales.

As the original poster has not been back on since posting on this thread, I think we should just leave it now as she will not benefit or may not even see if she has been put off from continual telling that she needs to do her own research. Melan1e New Member. I must just add that when completing these papers, when you haven't been in the industry very long, can be quite daunting.

I am just now working on the same paper and have spent many hours researching and trawling through my books. The terminology may be simple to experienced therapists but not to everyone.

I totally agree with the comments about reading your books and helping yourself but I can't help wonder if a little nudge in the right direction would have been a little more helpful. If the person asking the questions is half as frustrated as I am I totally feel for them. HWilliams Well-Known Member. Do you know that wonderful thing that comes with your course called your 'text book' look in there because if you can be bothered to open your eyes and read it for long enough - believe it or not all of the answers are in there!

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